In yet another public campaign aimed at driving users to T-Mobile, the carrier is announcing its "Uncarrier 7.0" event to begin on Sept. 10, a day after the expected Apple iPhone 6 event. It will also come a week following Samsung's own "unpacked" event that will see the launch of the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone.

The events are coming as rumors abound over the future Apple smartphone and the potential of other devices to be launched the same day. For T-Mobile, the country's third-largest mobile carrier, they are continuing to make in roads into the battle with Verizon and AT&T over mobile phone supremacy in the country.

The event will take place in San Francisco in the early afternoon.

According to the event, Uncarrier is what T-Mobile refers to in its campaign to "upend the wireless industry's standard practices, eliminating contracts, offering free international data, and in the last event, offering data-free streaming music and a weeklong test drive with an iPhone 5S."

T-Mobile has quickly rebooted itself after the failure of Sprint's parent company SoftBank had wanted to purchase the mobile carrier, Tech Times reports. T-Mobile has also reported it becoming the leading contract-free carrier in the United States as more and more customers look for a smartphone without the two-year contracts.

Although there is much optimism surrounding the timing of the event, most analysts argue that it will not have much to do with Apple's launch of its next generation smartphone. Still, T-Mobile is looking more and more like it is aiming to become a leader in the telecom sector and its recent promotions have seen many new customers look at the company for their phone needs.

While postpaid users are still preferring Verizon and AT&T, the efforts by Sprint and T-Mobile to go after the top two in advertising appears to have increased interest in their operations.

"I predict the #uncarrier will overtake @Sprint in total customers by the end of the year! There, I said it!," tweeted T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

"The good news just keeps on coming for T-Mobile. The momentum we're seeing with our T-Mobile and MetroPCS brands is outstanding, and the fact that we've blown by everyone to take the No.1 spot in prepaid is icing on the cake," Legere said in a separate statement.

Much of the tech world's attention in recent days has been on the upcoming Apple announcement next month. T-Mobile appears to want to get on that bandwagon and continue to promote its cheaper prices to the customer base ahead of a new iPhone hitting the market, which is expected to almost immediately take the sector by storm.

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