Ahead of the release of its G5 flagship smartphone, LG is showing off its latest user interface for its Android devices. UX 5.0 is social software, ready to connect with "LG Friends."

The last LG UX, version 4.0, was all about the manual camera mode and smart notices. The version before that focused on gesture shot and Touch and Shoot.

The latest version of LG UX brings with it the LG Friends Manager. "LG Friends" are modules and wireless accessories that are compatible with LG's upcoming G5 phone, which has a "magic slot" at its base that allows users to swap out parts.

Modules ready for or on their way to the G5 include a game controller, projector, SSD, speaker, action cam, larger battery, card reader, Qwerty keyboard, photo printer and a health care module. The Friends Manager software will serve as the hub for all of that hardware.

"LG UX 5.0 is here for a more playful and innovative mobile experience," says LG. "Enhanced usability and convenience will offer an enjoyable connection with LG Friends as well as a powerful visual experience on LG G5. Enjoy the LG G5 and Friends to their maximum potential with LG G5 UX 5.0."

Elsewhere in UX 5.0 are some features to get more of LG cameras. Some of the new software features for LG's smartphone cameras include Autoshot, Multi View, Pop-out Picture and Film Effect.

For selfies, Autoshop will take pictures once the user poses for a shot. Pop-out works like an autocrop, zooming in, picture in picture, before the shot is taken. And film effect is just what it sounds like.

Multi-view allows an LG phone to take pictures using all of its cameras at once, meaning the G5 selfie cam and its dual rear camera system can take three pictures at the same time. Along with the wireless action cam, the phone can take four pictures at once.

UX 5.0 also comes with a new interface that packs more utility into the home button. The new interface wrapper also comes with LG Health, a hub for fitness trackers and health modules.

Check out the rest of what LG UX 5.0 has to offer:

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