Two Worlds is going for its third spin, publisher Topware Interactive and developer Reality Pump revealed. Along with announcing that the third installment of the franchise is in development now, the studio also said that Two Worlds II is set for some updates and new content.

Two Worlds III is being conceptualized now and the role-playing game will be developed over the next 36 months, TopWare said.

"We are pleased to announce that after earning multiple awards and selling over 10 million units, Reality Pump Studios has officially begun work on the third part of our blockbuster RPG series, Two Worlds," says TopWare.

The second installment in the series is about to get a "major engine update." The engine update will provide for higher details in character models and the game environment, along with more achievements "and lots of new in-game features and upgrades."

That improved engine will enable Reality Pump to release eight new multiplayer maps for Two Worlds II and a pair of single-player DLC packs: "Shattered Embrace" and "Call of the Tenebrae." Both DLC packs are scheduled to be released this year.

Call of the Tenebrae will launch during the second quarter of 2016. It will see the protagonist return to Antaloor, the world where the assassin Dar Pha was murdered. In this expansion, players are faced with new killers known as "The Chosen," a tribe of ugly creatures that look like rodents. The Chosen have a powerful kind of magic in their control, which they are prepared to use for genocide.

"It's up to the Hero to find a way to stop them," says TopWare, adding that players should expect to experience the game world "like never before" with the engine update.

The last Two Worlds game was released back in 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The upcoming engine update will apparently be released on all of Two Worlds II's platforms, including Steam and Linux.

While TopWare didn't announce any platforms for Two Worlds III, that 36-month development cycle all but rules out releases on Xbox 360 and PS3. Anyhow, the two planned DLC packs for Two Worlds II should help most series fans say goodbye and move forward.

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