Tesla Motors has a pretty neat offering for customers who are looking for an adrenalin rush. The automaker will now let owners of the Model S P90D looking for speed to upgrade their vehicle to the Ludicrous Mode, which as the name suggests can offer crazy levels of speed!

The speed boost is being offered to Model S P90D owners who wish to have their vehicle retrofitted.

"Upgrade the level of performance in your existing P90D from "INSANE" to "LUDICROUS"! This upgrade will decrease 0-60 mph time by 10% to 2.8 seconds. The time to 155 mph is now 20% faster than a standard Model S Performance," notes the company.

For the unfamiliar, in July 2015 when Tesla introduced the P90D variant of its Model S, it announced that the Ludicrous Mode was available. This mode would enable the sedan to hit speeds of 60 mph in barely 2.8 seconds. However, the upgrade cost $10,000 more than the less expensive Insane Mode version.

Previously, if a car owner changed their mind and wanted to upgrade from the Insane Mode to the Ludicrous Mode on their Model S P90D, they could not do so. However, it appears now that Tesla had a change of heart and fixed the same.

On March 21, Tesla introduced the upgrade option on its website. For its P85D, Tesla did something similar and offered the Ludicrous Mode upgrade for the vehicle when the car was naturally outperformed by the successor P90D.

According to Electrek, Tesla has made two primary alterations to the Model S's battery pack: a "smart fuse" replaces the traditional fuse and the battery's contactor has been updated to Inconel (aerospace-grade alloy) from regular steel. Inconel is used by SpaceX to make engines for rockets. The smart fuse will help monitor the battery's current in a more precise manner. Thanks to these changes, the power output of the car is ramped up from 1300 amps to 1500 amps.

The upgrade for $10,000 is a little steep and the price is not inclusive of labor and taxes. The benefits of the upgrade though are amazing. Moreover, Tesla underlines the "P90D" on the badge of the car so that it is visible that one has upgraded their vehicle to the Ludicrous Mode.

If you bought the Model S from tesla but only chose the Insane Mode at the time, now is a good time to change that and get the vehicle to Ludicrous Mode instead!

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