It has been heralded as the fastest fully-electric SUV on the market, but a husband and wife team wanted to put that claim to the test. So, they pitted a "ludicrous" version of the recently-launched Model X against a similarly-kitted Model S, and the showdown was better than expected.

The Model X uses the same powertrain as its predecessor, the Model S. It's just that the Model X takes on a bigger form factor to warrant its billing as an SUV, though crossover SUV may be the better term for it.

The Model X is about 600 pounds heavier than the Model S. The husband and wife team wanted to see how the heavier vehicle would compare with the Model S' previous best time of 11.24 seconds at 118.5 mph.

Instead of a flat-out time trial, the couple decided to pit the two electric vehicles in a head-to-head drag race. They raced the P90D version of the vehicles, which features the insane tuning that earned it its "ludicrous" moniker.

"We also added a little twist to this comparison, since the Model X is the wife's car, we set her up to race the Model X vs. myself driving the Model S," states the dragsters' write-up for DragTimes. "She had never raced a car down the quarter mile, never mind a car that has the potential to take down unsuspecting super cars."

Tesla Motors claimed the Model X, with a combined rear and front horsepower of more than 530 hp, could hit 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds — that'd make the Model X the fastest SUV ever. Well, that estimate of zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds was off by a hair, according to the DragTimes report.

"Even as we did multiple races trying to get an even start between the two cars, the Model X continued to perform running consecutive 11.6x at 115-plus mph passes down the quarter mile. The Model S ran 11.3 to 11.5 at 116 mph," stated the report.

Check out the showdown between the Model X P90D and the Model S P90D in the video below:

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