The parents who took the critically ill five year old boy from a British hospital have been arrested and are facing extradition. Several news media claimed the cancer-stricken boy was kidnapped by his own parents, but they were later found in Spain.

According to police, Brett and Naghmeh King took their son, Ashya, who is stricken with brain cancer, to France and then to Spain sometime last week. It is understood that staff workers at the Malaga hotel in Spain recognized the boy and his family and then contacted police.

Police officers did not talk about the charges the family could face. However, they did mention that cruelty could be one of them as proposed by British law.

We understand that British police officers have traveled to Spain to question the parents in Malaga. Furthermore, a plan to extradite them to England is currently being worked on. From there, the parents would likely face charges, and they will definitely need a lawyer.

The father of the boy made a plea via a YouTube video shortly before getting arrested that the family needed to be left alone. He tried to show the public and the police that his son is doing fine, and that he only wants to get the money required to give his son the proper treatment known as "Proton Beam Treatment."

"We were most disturbed today to find that his face is all over the Internet and newspapers, and we've been labeled as kidnappers, putting his life at risk, neglect," according to King in a YouTube video posted Saturday before the parents were arrested.

"We're very happy with his progress," King said in the video. "We're not neglecting him."

We're not certain if King has any grounds here. We understand that his aim was to find the treatment he deems as best for his son, but one must take into consideration that the experts knows best in situations like these, so Ashya should have never left that hospital in the first place.

Then again, this is only our opinion, and we're not completely sure if the Proton Beam Treatment would have worked for the boy. We only hope that the child gets the treatment he deserves, and that he survives this ordeal.

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