AT&T has unbounded U-Verse Internet's data allowances. Those who have U-Verse Internet bundled with pay TV through AT&T will get it without having to pay $30 extra each month.

Positioning itself at the right end of that 4K curve, AT&T plans to offer its U-Verse customers unlimited data in about two months' time.

From accessing the cloud to gaming, everyone is using the Internet to do more these days, says Bob Bickerstaff, AT&T's vice president for Voice and Data Products.

"We want to continue providing a great experience for our Internet customers so we're giving U-verse Internet customers more choices and more data, including an unlimited data option available to any U-verse Internet customer," says Bickerstaff.

For customers who both have AT&T U-Verse and U-Verse TV service or DirecTV on a single bill, AT&T will give them unlimited data for no extra charge. For those who only have AT&T U-Verse, the extra charge is $30 for unbounded data.

For those who don't subscribe to an unlimited data plan, AT&T will give 50 GB of additional data for a charge of $10 whenever they burn through what they've been allotted.

AT&T will only issue a warning to those who consume all of their monthly data allowance during the first month. During the second month, the company will issue warning to customers when they hit 65 percent, 90 percent and 100 percent of their data allowance.

Customers won't incur the $10 charges until they go over their data allowances for a third month. This will provide customers more than 4 months to monitor their consumption and determine the suitable package for Internet usage before adding in additional data, added Bickerstaff.

Data allowances for speed tiers of 768 kpbs to 6 Mbps will climb to 300 GB, tiers of 12 Mbps to 75 Mbps will jump to 600 GB and speeds of 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps will shoot up to 1 TB.

On average, the home Internet customers consumes a little above 100 GB of data monthly, Bickerstaff says. "So even with our smallest U-verse Internet data allowance of 300 GB the average customer has plenty of data to do more."

The changes will kick off on May 23, along with bumps in U-Verse Internet's structured data tiers.

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