The Internet is currently losing its mind right now over a selfie that has sparked one hell of a devilish debate.

There are some people who, without reservation, wholeheartedly believe in ghosts, spirits, demons and the like. Then, there are people on the other side of this coin who simply need some kind of proof in order to believe those things are real.

What better proof is there than a picture that captures whatever inexplicable, supernatural phenomenon is going on?

The photo that has the Internet spooked was originally posted on the photo sharing site 9gag before it made its way to Twitter. At first glance, this just looks like a sweet selfie of a couple with nothing out of the ordinary to see. However, take a closer look, and you will be able to see the woman's reflection is facing the same way as we see her in the photo.

The couple snapped the selfie in of front a window, where we can clearly see their reflection. We should see the back of her head, similarly to how we see the male's, but that isn't the case. There she is, just smiling back to us, looking all creepy.

Seriously, what kind of sorcery is that?

The reason her reflection is facing the same way is still unknown, although the Internet is having a ball trying to give their own explanations. The most obvious explanation would be Photoshop, but others firmly believe there is something paranormal behind it.

The account that posted the selfie, @itsthemans captioned the image to question what kind of devilish thing is happening here, receiving more than 16,000 retweets.

The Internet, of course, then reacted by pretty much stating that they will never be able to sleep again.

Multiple other people referred to her as a "low key" Lord Voldemort.

Others pointed out that her hijab might have a different pattern on it (although it's hard to tell), meaning it isn't the same picture. Others want to know what's with the kid in back?

In any case, we were sort of able to get down the bottom of it — and no, this woman is not possessed.

We are still betting on the magic of Photoshop on this one, but one user on 9gag offered a sensible explanation.

"This picture is a result of a camera with a rolling shutter. The sensor is exposed to light with the help of 2 little panels that fall up (possibly down left or right, but usually down). If the girl was to turn her head at the right time the camera would capture her looking backwards and forwards," the user writes. "The rolling shutting [sic] is present in most DLSRs. Unlike an [sic] phone camera which can have a global shutter or electronic moving shutter. The wider the gap between the 2 falling panels determine how much time the sensor is exposed."

While this makes sense, we are sure the Internet still wants to believe that there is some exorcist action going on over here.

Source: 9gag

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