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Scientists Who Selfie On Instagram Gain More Public Trust

Scientists can win more hearts with Instagram selfies. A new study shows that people perceive seemingly serious scientists as warmer and more deserving of public trust when their social media accounts have their actual photos in it.

Life & Style May 11, 2019

Is 'Selfie Wrist' A New Health Problem In The Digital Age?

Is selfie wrist the new health problem to look out for among selfie lovers? It's just one of the emerging risks related to taking selfies.

Public Health December 27, 2018

Selfie Savior: Strange-Looking Selfies Alert Woman Of Stroke Symptoms

A woman was alerted to her own stroke symptoms thanks to the selfies that she took. What are some of the signs and symptoms of stroke?

Public Health September 8, 2018

Buzz Aldrin Would Like To Remind You That He Was The First To Take A Selfie In Space

There’s simply no way your selfie will ever be as cool as Buzz Aldrin’s. In 1966, during the Gemini 12 mission, he was going for a spacewalk and suddenly thought outer space was a good place for a selfie.

Space June 23, 2018

Somebody Took A Disturbing Selfie With Dental School Students And 2 Severed Heads

Somebody took a selfie with dental school students, a professor, and two severed heads in a workshop at Yale University. The officials of the school, which was not in charge of the workshop, described the incident as "disturbing" and "inexcusable."

Medicine February 6, 2018

Can't Use Google Arts & Culture's Selfie-Matching Feature In Illinois Or Texas? Here's A Workaround

The selfie feature of Google's Arts & Culture app that lets users match their selfies to faces in artworks is the latest craze, but it's blocked in Illinois and Texas. There's a workaround, though.

Apps/Software January 17, 2018

Instagram Now Adds 'Recommended For You' Posts Into Your Feed

Instagram is making new changes to its feed. It will now be recommending three to five posts that you see while scrolling through your feed.

Apps/Software December 30, 2017

FaceApp Launches A New Round Of Racist Filters: The App's Creator Even Defends The Controversial Move

FaceApp, the controversial photo editing app, is again under racism allegations. The app launched Asian, Black, Caucasian, and Indian as its new filters, and from the names, you already know that there would be racist undertones.

Apps/Software August 10, 2017

Lumyer Is The Augmented Reality App That Will Animate Your Selfies

Lumyer is the latest photo app rising in popularity for its ability to animate photos with special effects.

Apps/Software March 10, 2017

Facetune 2 Review: This Photo Editing App Is A Game Changer For Selfie Lovers

Facetune 2 is innovating the way users edit their photos with tools like live selfie editing and Relight, making it the only editing app you will ever need.

Apps/Software March 1, 2017

Meet The Meitu T8: Dream Phone For Selfie Lovers That Will Make You Look Better

Meitu, the company behind the beauty app that went viral earlier this year, released the dream device for selfie lovers. Named the Meitu T8, the smartphone packs a powerful selfie camera and an upgraded version of the app.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 22, 2017

EatMessage Is The Emoji Food Fight Game For iMessage Starring Your Selfie

A new game called ‘EatMessage’ launched in the iMessage App Store that uses augmented reality to have the player’s selfie dodging and eating emojis.

Apps/Software February 16, 2017

Smile! Not All Selfie Lovers Are Narcissists: Study

There is no person on the internet who has not come across a selfie -- or self-taken photograph. Many question whether taking too many selfies makes one a narcissist, but one study seems to refute the selfie's association with narcissism.

Life & Style January 31, 2017

Baby Dolphin Dies On Argentina Beach As Tourists Seek Selfies

Argentinean paper La Capital reports another animal death from tourist selfies. Tourists have been seen dragging a baby dolphin from the waters of San Bernardo, located around 200 miles south of Buenos Aires.

Animals January 28, 2017

Hot Anime Selfie App Meitu Denies Claims Of Selling User Data, Points Finger At China Instead

Viral selfie app Meitu, which turns users into anime characters, recently went under fire for extensive data collection. The company defends its practices and says it's not selling user data, but here's the deal.

Apps/Software January 21, 2017

Stone Age Selfie Discovered In Britain, Carved On A 4,000-Year-Old Rock

Gordon Holmes, a retired design engineer and IT technician, has come across Britain’s first Stone Age selfie in Baildon Moor. This 4,000-year-old selfie etched on a rock is supposedly of the artist himself.

Ancient January 18, 2017

Flashing The Peace Sign Can Get You In Trouble: Here's Why

Researchers have shared that flashing the peace sign can get one into trouble as it could lead to identity theft. This comes as a shock as not many are aware of identity-related information being obtained from one's fingerprints.

Security January 11, 2017

Microsoft Selfie App Heads To Android And The Web

Microsoft has brought all of the Selfie features available for iOS devices into the Android platform. These include a sophisticated machine learning technology that ensures that enhancements made on a photo look more natural.

Microsoft November 7, 2016

Selfies To Become Password Alternatives As Companies Start Testing The New Security Method

Companies such as MasterCard, Uber and HSBC have adopted systems that could render selfie photos as either alternative or replacements for passwords in both online and real-world transactions that require security.

Apps/Software October 17, 2016

HTC Has A Selfie Contest Up, With The HTC 10 As The Prize

HTC is calling on selfie enthusiasts to send in their best selfies. The company has the HTC 10 as the prize for the contest, which is open for submissions until June 10.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 5, 2016

Texas Town Erects Selfie Statue Right Next To City Hall: Modern Art Or Millennial Kitsch?

Sugar Land, Texas recently got additional public art on its streets and strong reactions followed. Residents’ and visitors’ reactions to the selfie-statue that adorns the City Hall plaza are splitting the public opinion in two.

Life & Style June 4, 2016

WhatsApp And A Selfie Saved A Couple Stranded On A Cliff During A Hike In Winnatas Pass

A couple was saved after being stranded on a cliff in Winnatas Pass thanks to a selfie and WhatsApp message.

Life & Style June 1, 2016

Ohio Teen Electrocuted While Trying YouTube Science Experiment

A 15-year-old teen in Ohio was electrocuted while attempting the Jacob's Ladder experiment he found on YouTube. The high school freshman was pronounced dead at the Mercy Regional Medical Center.

Society April 21, 2016

Facetune vs. BeautyPlus: The Best Selfie Editing App For iOS

When it comes to editing selfies, there are countless apps available for iOS. We compared Facetune vs. BeautyPlus to see which option is the better one.

Apps/Software April 20, 2016

US Lip Surgeries Reach Record Number In 2015

A record number of people underwent lip augmentation procedures in the United States in 2015, with a 48 percent increase since 2000. Plastic surgeons said the age of selfies may have driven this staggering increase.

Life April 20, 2016

Oculus Wants The VR World More Immersive With This VR Selfie Stick

Facebook-owned Oculus is poised to make the world of virtual reality more immersive with a VR selfie stick. The technology was demoed at the F8 developer conference on April 13.

April 15, 2016

HTC 10 Rumored To Have Front Camera With Optical Image Stabilzation

Uploaded images apparently point to the upcoming HTC 10 smartphone having optical image stabilization technology applied to its front-facing camera. The feature has traditionally only been applied to the rear-facing cameras of smartphones.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 8, 2016

Shootlr Is The New Social Media App That Has Your Friends Taking Seflies For You

Shootlr is a new social media photo app for iOS and Android that lets people request selfies of their friends to see what they are up to at that current moment in time.

Apps/Software April 4, 2016

Selfie Lovers, Celebrate! ROAM-e Is A Flying Selfie Stick That You Can Buy Now

The ROAM-e, a flying selfie stick, has finally been released by the IoT Group. It's a light, compact and easy-to-use drone and selfie stick hybrid that tethers to your smartphone and snaps pictures of you on-the-fly.

Gadgets April 1, 2016

This Creepy Couple Selfie Shows The Woman's Reflection Facing The Same Way

The Internet is currently losing it over this couple's selfie that shows the woman's reflection inexplicably facing the same way.

Internet Culture March 30, 2016

Verizon Adds Feature-Packed LG K4 LTE To Its Affordable Smartphone Lineup

Verizon is now offering the LG K4 LTE to consumers who are in the market for feature-packed devices that don’t come heavy on the pocket. The 4.5-inch device can be snagged at $5.00 a month for a two-year contract or at the retail price of $120.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 26, 2016

Smile! Amazon Wants Patent For Pay-By-Selfie Technology

Amazon recently filed a patent for a pay-by-selfie technology. Its customers will soon perform some actions such as smiling or blinking to pay for items on the app.

Apps/Software March 15, 2016

Endangered Baby Dolphin Left To Die In The Sand After Beachgoers Pulled It Out Of The Water For Selfies

A baby dolphin was left in the sand to die after people took selfies with it. A man was seen scooping up the dolphin off of the water, which made a curious mob come close and feast on the poor animal.

Earth/Environment February 19, 2016

Selfie And Weight Loss: Taking Photo Of Yourself Each Week Helps You Lose Weight, Says Study

Taking a selfie was found to help people lose weight. Researchers said seeing progress through self-photographs is an effective motivator for dieters to stick to their weight loss regimen.

Life January 23, 2016

British Astronaut Tim Peake Snapped A Selfie During His Historic Spacewalk

Astronaut Tim Peake became the first Brit to walk in space on Jan. 15, and he decided to commemorate the event with a selfie taken outside the International Space Station.

Apps/Software January 18, 2016

French Politician Wants To Sue Dancer Because Bad Selfie Cost Him The Election

A selfie is about to cost a dancer quite a spicy price. Far-right French politician Jean-Marie Le Pan is suing dancer Brahim Zaibat for taking a mid-flight selfie that he pointed as the cause for his party’s electoral failure.

Internet January 16, 2016

Blippar Lets Users Pay Tribute To David Bowie With Ziggy Stardust Selfie Filter

The image recognition app Blippar is allowing David Bowie fans to capture images of themselves as Ziggy Stardust to celebrate the life of the iconic artist.

Apps/Software January 14, 2016

Microsoft Launches 'Selfie' Enhancement App For The iPhone

The app automatically takes age, gender, lighting and skin tone into account before finishing photo enhancements with a single click.

Apps/Software December 30, 2015

Microsoft Unveils Nokia 230 And 230 Dual SIM Feature Phones With Physical Buttons And Touchscreen Aimed For Selfie Addicts And Gamers

Microsoft has announced two new new feature phones, the Nokia 230 and Nokia 230 Dual Sim, which retail for just $55.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 25, 2015

Lenovo Vibe S1 Smartphone With 2 Selfie Cameras Launches in India

Have you ever wished that your smartphone had a better camera for taking selfies? Lenovo has just launched the Vibe S1, its first smartphone that has dual selfie cameras that can take really creative selfies at a professional level.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 24, 2015

This App Lets You Take Selfies With A Drone

The Boston-based tech company Neurala is releasing Dronie Selfie, an app that lets you take pictures of yourself — and turns your drone into an autonomous bot.

Apps/Software November 17, 2015

This AI Can Teach You How To Step Up Your Selfie Game

Researcher Andrej Karpathy taught an AI neural network how to rank selfies, finding that women take better ones than men.

Internet October 30, 2015

No More Passwords: Mastercard Now Lets You Pay For Online Purchases With A Selfie

Forget passwords. The next wave of identity verification will come from selfies. MasterCard's latest initiative in making payments quicker and more secure will start with its Identity Check app where selfies can be used to make purchases via a smartphone.

Apps/Software October 23, 2015

Selfie Craze Still On: Japanese Vending Machines Take Selfies And Upload Them For You

"Vendorphoto," a selfie vending machine, from Japanese company Kirin Co. can take selfies and upload them for you as well. The device will be introduced in Japan this month.

Gadgets October 20, 2015

Daredevil Teen Plunges To Death While Taking Selfie On Ninth Floor Rooftop

A thrill-seeking Russian teenager fell from the ninth floor while attempting to create an Instagram-worthy snapshot. Cases of selfie deaths and injuries have been increasing.

Society October 7, 2015

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