Pure Cool: 2.0, or formally called Pure Cool Link, is now available for purchase on the U.S. website of Dyson.

The Pure Cool Link smart air purifier comes with all the technology its predecessor previously exhibited. It has a bladeless head, made possible with the use of Air Multiplier TM technology that "projects a long-range stream of smooth air," eliminating the need for fan blades; an LED display; auto night time mode that dims the display and reduces motor noise; and Dyson's filter system, called the 'Dyson 360° Glass HEPA filter,' which sucks in air while filtering "99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns."

According to Hugo Wilson, Design Engineer at Dyson, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concludes that indoor air is five times more polluted than outside air due to natural and man-made causes. The world has built and designed homes that effectively trap in heat and, at the same time, pollutants and allergens. The Dyson 360° Glass HEPA filter cleans indoor air by trapping naturally occurring household pollutants like mold spores and pollen, as well as, chemicals, fumes and smokes from human activities like hairsprays, household cleaners and cigarette smoke. Through configurable settings on the fan that can be accessed even outside the house, polluted indoor air may now be avoided.

Dyson's Pure Cool Link system can now be accessed through a user's smartphone to keep track of air quality. The app uses a widely understood system of red, orange and green labelling to signify whether air conditions are ideal. What's more, users can adjust the settings through their smartphones and regulate air flow.

The new air purifier is Dyson's second appliance to incorporate smartphone functionality via Internet of Things movement, with their earlier released Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum, now available in Japan, being the first.

Engadget reports that the tower design of Pure Cool Link is now available on Dyson's U.S. website for $499.99 and can be tested in selected stores this coming April 11 onwards. The appliance will be available in the UK and Western Europe come March 31, and in Canada, China and South East Asia by April.

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