After over a year from Dyson revealing its plans to launch a robotic vacuum cleaner, the 360 Eye is finally out.

The Dyson 360 Eye, however, is currently only available in Japan with a price tag of ¥149,040. For those wondering, that is equivalent to an insane price of more than $1,200, making the robotic vacuum cleaner one of the most expensive ones out in the market.

What makes it cost much more than the most high-end Roomba 980 of iRobot, which costs $899? Well, as the 360 Eye's name suggests, it is capable of constantly observing and analyzing its surroundings, being able to see the entire room where it is located.

Dyson said that the unique vision system of the 360 Eye utilizes a combination of mathematics, geometry, probability theory and trigonometry in mapping out and navigating around a room, adding that the robotic vacuum cleaner known where it is, where it has been, and where it has not yet cleaned.

The Dyson 360 Eye features a digital motor that spins up to 78,000 revolutions per minute, which generates that the company says is the highest suction power for any robotic vacuum. The robotic vacuum cleaner also packs the Radial Root Cyclone technology of Dyson, which is able to generate high centrifugal forces that can capture even the smallest particles such as mold and pollen.

The company adds that the 360 Eye is the only robotic vacuum cleaner that has continuous tracks similar to tanks, as opposed to wheels, which provides it with improved traction and higher accuracy in moving over different floor types. The 360 Eye is also different from its competitors in that it can provide suction from its entire width, compared to other robotic vacuum cleaners that only do so from certain points.

The 360 Eye can connect to the Link app of Dyson, which is free for iOS and Android users. Through the app, users can control the robotic vacuum cleaner and schedule when it cleans. The app also provides the user with maps of the progress of the cleaning procedure, allowing the user to micromanage the 360 Eye even when not inside the house.

The Dyson 360 Eye is available in Dyson's Tokyo store and certain stores in Japan, with the company saying that it would be released to the rest of the world some-time next year.

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