Android-Powered BlackBerry Hamburg And BlackBerry Rome Tipped For This Year


BlackBerry seems to be going through a rough patch lately, but rumors surfaced about two upcoming smartphone models allegedly landing later this year.

It should be mentioned that, in the mobile world, information leaks come in two flavors: the "solid" rumors that arrive via trusted and verified sources, and rumors that should be taken with a traditional grain of salt. The two purported BlackBerry handsets fall into the second category, so read on to learn the details.

BBCzech, a Czech website that focuses on BlackBerry developments, reports that 2016 is the year when the market will see not one, but two new BlackBerry Android smartphones. Technical details of the two handsets are flimsy, as the site gives no particular information on the specs.

However, the source claims to have valid information on the names of the phones.

The BlackBerry "Hamburg" sits in the mid-range tier and packs an important surprise: the handset will lack the iconic BlackBerry keyboard, using only a touchscreen for input. The Hamburg should arrive no later than the autumn of 2016.

The BlackBerry "Rome" is a bit different, as BBCzech notes that the device will position itself in the premium category. Rumors point out that it will follow in the steps of the BlackBerry Priv, which means that it will sport both a physical keyboard and a touchscreen.

The Rome should roll out sometime near the end of the year.

Despite having very little solid ground to work on, the two new devices are plausible. Looking at the naming alone, it shows continuity with BlackBerry's Priv, which some reports codenamed "Venice" before its launch. 

Previous rumors hinted at the fact that the OEM is also working on delivering a new phone, dubbed Vienna.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen did confirm back in January that his company plans to launch at least one new Android phone this year, so this new report is not too farfetched. Until official confirmation, however, keep a dose of skepticism.

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