After you go on a date with someone new, the first thing you do when you get home is call up your girl friends and give them the play-by-play. If you really hit it off, then the conversation will probably consist of you going on and on about how perfect he seems.

However, you won't know for sure until your friends can meet him and give the stamp of approval. So, then, you continue to go on a few more dates, only to become more unsure after you begin noticing that he seems distant or keeps saying things that just get under your skin. Then again, you could be misinterpreting his messages or intentions. If only you can get a second opinion and have your friend there to witness it all.

Now you can — well, if you are an online dater (seriously, no one wants their friend creeping the corner of a restaurant for real).

This new dating app called Boompi lets your girl friends secretly eavesdrop on your private conversations with potential matches.

Finally, an app where we can both "meet people and gossip with girl friends."

Once a new user downloads the app, there is the choice to either enter full access mode, where you can find and chat with other users and then add your girl friends into these chats without the boy knowing a thing, or enter in ghost mode. This means that the matches your friends make on the platform can't see that you exist, so you can eavesdrop away.

Then again, users of the app pretty much know what it's about, so we can think they are aware that they can be spied on at any time. That still doesn't mean that you and your girl friends are about to invade some stranger's privacy.

It's important to also note, although users can set their discovery preferences to better suit their needs, whether they are interested in men, women or both, only female users can tap into the secret friend-snooping feature.

Even though the playing field is unfair, those looking to check out the app will have no problem navigating if they are familiar with Tinder's swiping functionality. Instead of swiping left or right, the user must swipe up to "like" the match, or down to "pass."

Boompi brings up those who are the closest to that specific user's location with their name, age and series of photos that can be seen by swiping left and right. The user can also share that particular person's profile with their friend without that person being aware, so they can get a second opinion if they look like they have potential or not.

Users can then invite their girl friends to join convos on the low so they can read all the action for themselves. Just tap on the "add girl friend" button and select the user you want to add. You can then chat with your girl friend directly in that guy's chat by using a switch to determine who you want to send a message to, blue for the boy, pink for the girl friend.

No longer will you have to take screen shots or spend hours on the phone explaining what went down. Now, friends can see what type of person you are dealing with right with their very own eyes, while being able to gossip right under the guy's nose.

For active women looking to find Mr. Right, the app might help them actually find a date with help from their friends' approval. Then again, it could lead to disaster since the guy might have been on his best behavior knowing someone is also looking in.

Boompi is available to download for free for iOS and Android.

Source: Tech Crunch

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