At its 2016 Build Developer Conference, Microsoft has made several announcements regarding Windows 10. One such announcement is that of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which will introduce new features and make improvements to the operating system.

It seems Microsoft is not yet done with its news for Windows 10, as in one of the sessions in the three-day conference, the company revealed that the operating system will soon be able to display Android notifications.

In the Build 2016 session, Microsoft disclosed details on how messages, missed calls and other kinds of notification from the user's Android phone will soon be displayed by a Windows 10 PC. To enable the feature, the Android version of the digital assistant Cortana is used.

In addition to receiving the notifications, Windows 10 users will also be able to reply to the incoming notifications or dismiss the notifications directly from the PC. Any message the user sends from the Windows 10 PC will be received as coming from the Android device.

The Android version of Cortana will be building up a cloud-based user notifications store, which will allow the notifications appearing on the Android smartphone to also be displayed on the Windows 10 PC. The feature will also be made available to Windows 10 Mobile-powered devices

With the feature for Android devices, is Microsoft also planning to push it out to iPhones and iPads? The company has said that it will not be able to because of restrictions on the iOS. The digital assistant on the iOS will not be able to access the required information to be able to interact with notifications and respond to messages.

Microsoft said it will be releasing the feature in a future version of Windows 10, with its likely arrival through the aforementioned Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Other things coming with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update include the expansion of the Windows Hello security feature to apps and the Edge browser, the new Windows Ink feature, improvements to Cortana and modifications to the Xbox One.

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