Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X is set to arrive in North and South America this fall. The rhythm music game will be offered in digital and physical forms in the Americas, bringing along almost 300 modules, costumes and 30 songs.

While Miku is traveling west, she isn't scheduled for any tour stops in Europe. Sega has simply indicated that it has nothing to announce as far as the release of the game in Europe.

Project Diva X, already available in Japan, is a return to the core rhythm gameplay to which veterans have become accustomed.

The game features Cloud Requests, which will see Miku and her friends travel to their world's five clouds to complete a variety of challenges. But there's also Free Play.

 "If you're new to Miku, it's the best Project Diva game to get into yet," says Sega. "And if you're a Miku veteran, there's plenty of new content to keep you going through the game's 30-song soundtrack!"

The module model has been changed up for Project Diva X. Instead of relying on the game's store to buy new modules to wear, Project Diva X will drop new ones at random during performances.

The game's modules and songs all fit into five categories, each vibes of the different Clouds. There's Cool, Classic, Cute, Elegant and Quirky.

Project Diva X players will also get to interact with Miku and her friends, as they learn about the world around them and gradually become more aware of what's beyond it.

"Miku and her friends talk and forge relationships as the players progress through the game...," says Sega, "and they may wind up revealing the secret of the eponymous 'X'!"

Topping all of that off is a new Content Editor that will allow players to create custom concerts using the game's modules, medleys and accessories. There's not yet a firm release date for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X. But it'll arrive at some point this fall.

In the meantime, check out Project Diva X's announcement trailer:

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