Lenovo PawPad Yoga 9 Is The Ultimate Gadget For Your Cat, Complete With High-Tech Pawprint Scanner


Lenovo pays close attention to the needs of its clients, and the Lenovo PawPad Yoga 9 blends the requirements of tech-savvy cat owners everywhere.

The laptop will bring a vibrant new element in your furry friend's life, as it was designed and packed with features that will put the purr back in "purrfect."

With PawPad Yoga 9, Lenovo is spearheading the advancements in technologies that are centered around felines. According to experts in the field, the box alone could boost your cats' well-being, but let's see what is inside.


Looking at the technical specs, the PawPad Yoga 9 relies on a Panther 919 for processing power. The visuals work thanks to the dual-mode Integrated Graphics card able to process both daytime and Night Vision. The "Hide Behind Furniture" feature is a discreet graphics option that activates randomly. Resolution might be 1,080p, but the screen is a noteworthy 13-inch FHD (Feline High Definition) coated with Jaguar Glass.

Design And Build

It is common knowledge that cats love pushing objects off of counters, but fear not for the integrity of the PawPad. The laptop is reinforced with carbon fiber, and the manufacturer boasts that it can fall from up to 9 feet and keep running. An internal gyroscope makes sure that the PawPad Yoga 9 falls on its feet, says Lenovo. We would take that particular information with a grain of salt, though.

A neat addition to this variant of PawPad is its collarband hinge. By equipping the gadget with it, Lenovo makes sure your cat can easily switch between using the device as a Laptop, Tablet, Tent or Stand.

In Laptop Mode, Yoga 9's preheated keys will set the scene for a relaxing nap. With summer nearly here, your purring companion might want to sleep on the chill kitchen tiles. Worry not, for Tent Mode is there to make her feel safe.

Pawprint Scanner

The pawprint scanner allows your cat to quickly start up entertaining apps. With a soft swipe of a paw on the multi-touch screen, your feline friend can enjoy the sounds of nature, get mesmerized by a moving red dot or get its slice of cat-news from the niche national stations. It should be noted that all apps have anti-dogware protection pre-installed.


Do you need to keep Thomas busy while you are cooking or away at work? Queue the apps that will bring joy and excitement into his life.

Tale of a Tail is one such software, where the laptop's webcam takes a picture of his tail and collages it into an animation that can be chased onscreen.

Fishing Joy was one of the most downloaded apps so far, especially on the Yoga Home line. Sporty cats will adore the Cat Up and Dance app, an aerobics intensive training program to get rid of all that salmon fat from the holidays.

You must not worry about claw marks on the display, as the aforementioned Jaguar Glass sports adamantium levels of scratch-resistance.

Some cats are not that technology-friendly, and Lenovo caters to their needs, too. Instead of relying on the multi-touch panel, you can install the Scratchpad, which is a Touchpad variant that responds wonderfully to claw action.

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