League of Legends' Draven has always been a bit of a showboater. His stylish mustache, over-the-top hand axes and confident demeanor make him one of the game's standout characters.

"Welcome to the League of Draven" has been a saying in Riot's MOBA almost since Draven was originally released years ago, thanks to the character's scene-stealing personality. Now, for April Fool's Day, League of Legends has quite literally become the League of Draven.

From now until April 3, every player of League of Legends participating in ARAM, Normal and Twisted Treeline matches will have their champion's head replaced with a stylish big-head version of Draven's. 

That's not all. Even the game's minions are going full-Draven, as are the game's wards. Players can purchase new Draven icons and even a Draven-Draven skin. No doubt, all these Draven lookalikes will cause more than a little confusion on the battlefield, but that's half the fun (and likely why the gag isn't enabled in ranked matches).

However, it's not just fun and games. This being Draven's day, it's also about loot. Draven, being the kind and benevolent killing machine that he is, will also be giving fans the chance to score some great prizes in honor of his day. 

"During the Draven Day celebration, if you buy or are gifted a Legendary or Ultimate skin, you'll unlock a free Mystery skin," reads the Draven Day page of the League of Legends site. "If that Mystery skin is a Legendary or Ultimate, Draven's Legendary Spinning Axes will keep on spinning, and you'll unlock another Mystery skin. Draven's also doubling your chance to open a Legendary when you unlock each Legendary Spinning Axe Mystery skin because Draven is great and kind and great."

If you do decide to purchase or gift a legendary or ultimate skin, you'll be further rewarded with the Draaaaven Icon for free to use as your in-game profile picture.

For those who have been waiting to splurge on some new skins, this definitely looks like the time to do it. Riot has a long history of crafting some great April Fool's Day surprises for fans, and this one is no exception.

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