Star Wars fans have longed for a live-action Star Wars show. While there was one in the works for a long time (said to have revolved around the galaxy's less-than-savory characters), when Disney acquired the franchise, it officially got the axe.

It's exactly for that reason why IGN's April Fool's Day prank is so darn cruel. Not only is it a "trailer" for a live-action Star Wars show coming to Netflix, but it's also one that stars Darth Maul.

Of course, Darth Maul is still one of the franchise's most popular characters, despite barely having any lines and being killed (sort of) in his first film appearance.

This fake trailer is every fanboy's dream come true. Even the description for the show sounds amazing.

"Live-action Star Wars makes its debut on Netflix! A mysterious, dark power is butchering those on both the light and dark side of the Force. Find out who and stream all episodes this May 4th."

That "mysterious, dark power" is, of course, Maul, whose name appears in the show's "official" title of Star Wars: Fury of Maul.

Making matters worse is just how darn convincing everything is. The special effects, the tone, the costumes, it all looks like it could be real. It's also not just IGN in on the joke, either. Even Netflix itself is playing along, hosting the trailer for the show on its official website.

While a resurrected Darth Maul did appear on the Clone Wars animated series (and most recently the Star Wars Rebels season two finale), seeing the character once more in live-action, taking his revenge on Jedi and Sith alike, sounds too good to be true — because it is. Who knows? Maybe the outpouring of fans lamenting over the fact that this is all a cruel joke will cause Disney and Netflix to take notice and finally get to work on a real Star Wars live-action show. A fan can dream, at least.

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