Good news: the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray is here to wash the taste of Batman v Superman out of your mouth! The bad news? The much-hyped deleted scenes are not the extras you're looking for (wocka wocka).

Seriously, though, there are six deleted scenes on the Blu-ray/DVD and maybe two of them really add anything to the film. If anything, the remaining scenes would have actually hurt the rhythm and flow of the theatrical release. So while it's disappointing that this deleted content isn't full of lost action scenes and gripping plot twists, at least we know J.J. Abrams' vision of the film was the one you saw in theaters.

So for the sake of Internet convenience, let's break all of the scenes down one by one:

Finn and the Villager: Here we have an additional scene from the opening sequence on Jakku. In this scene, Finn, still in his Stormtrooper garb, is shown running into an unarmed villager trying to flee The First Order. With his gun drawn on her, he hesitates and allows her to escape, showing a rare glimpse of humanity among the Troopers. It's a nice moment for his character, but the theatrical cut lives on without it.

Jakku Message: This scene reiterates what happened on Jakku from the perspective of The Resistance headquarters. What does this achieve? Well, reinserted in the main film, it could have served as a new, and much weaker, introduction to General Leia. Despite that, it does nothing more than remind the audience of what they just saw. Next.

X-Wing Lightspeed: There's nothing here, aside from some chatter among a few X-Wing pilots and unfinished special effects showing them jumping into lightspeed. It's over as quickly as it started, and wasn't missed in the theatrical release.

Kylo Searches The Falcon: This one is probably the best of the bunch, but that's not really high praise. Here we see some Snowtroopers searching for Han Solo aboard the Millennium Falcon with Kylo Ren in tow. Finding nothing but an empty cockpit, Ren can only bring himself to whisper "Han Solo" before going outside to stare down an incoming Resistance fleet. It's not much, but, hey, more Kylo Ren, right?

Snow Speeder Chase: A long-lost action scene! This is a pretty simple one: Finn and Rey are shown escaping from some troopers on what looks like some sort of snow speeder. The effects are unfinished, and the editing isn't quite ready for prime time, but it just goes to show how many ideas like this — even action scenes — never saw the light of day.

Finn Will Be Fine: There is nothing here. We see Finn laid up after his encounter with Kylo Ren, as Rey is assured by a doctor that he'll be fine. We know this already. John Boyega is signed up for multiple films … dude's gonna be around for a while.

There is one big takeaway from all of these scenes: none of them are integral to the plot! This isn't the case where Disney will ever have to release a "Director's Cut" or "Ultimate Cut" down the road, because, thankfully, The Force Awakens wasn't butchered by the studio like other blockbusters. The theatrical cut is great as-is; these deleted scenes are just fun glimpses at what almost was.

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