Some assert that the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot is hanging out near an abandoned playground in Vicksburg, Miss.

Paranormal investigator David Childers claims he saw what could perhaps be the elusive beast back in November 2013 when he was at the playground in search of paranormal activity, as the playground is supposedly haunted. He describes seeing an unknown creature with a shaggy, grayish-brown coat.

“A creature, I don't know what it was, about 6 feet tall. And it just bolted off through the woods," he describes. “I think it was hiding out. It was bedding down, and I spooked it whenever I got there to take pictures,” Childers surmises.

He recently took a reporter and a photographer from local newspaper, the Clarion-Ledger, out into the woods to show them the abandoned playground and where he claims he saw Bigfoot. As a paranormal investigator, Childers is used to strange things. He has even been featured on A&E for his paranormal investigations. But, as the paper explains, “the large creature, whatever it was, actually startled him.”

Childers isn’t the only one who believes something mysterious, possibly Bigfoot, is in the vicinity of the abandoned playground. Peyton Lassiter was working on an air conditioner nearby the park on Aug. 12 when he noticed an unusual footprint. He made a cast of the footprint, which measures approximately nine inches long, and nearly six inches wide from toe to toe. However, it is not the size of the footprint that has Lassiter perplexed.

Others have reportedly asserted that the print is from a black bear. But Lassiter says gray hair in the footprint discounts that possibility. Additionally, he tells the Clarion-Ledger that the print shows signs of what could potentially be fingerprints.

“There are only two species that have that. Number one, humans and primates,” he explains. “Bears don't have fingerprint-like impressions on the skin of the foot, so that kind of changes the game a little bit.” He continues, “I have no knowledge of what made it, and I didn't see what made it, but it's very intriguing.”

Neither witness specifically claims that Bigfoot is in the area. But they are both absolutely convinced that whatever has been in the vicinity of this abandoned playground is intelligent.


Photo: Allen Watkin

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