Final Fantasy XV's latest demo allows players to tap into the immense power of the Cross Shuriken sword, and this guide will help you get the artifact in no time.

While the preview of the game is very short, it seems the developers masterfully hid a powerful weapon inside it. To see what are the steps to find it, read on. You may check out the short video at the bottom of the story that demonstrates how to get the Cross Shuriken.

Square Enix made a few important announcements regarding the latest Final Fantasy installment, but the fans' excitement went through the roof after hearing about the brand-new "Platinum Demo." Thanks to the short trial, gamers were able to get accustomed to Final Fantasy XV's main character, Noctis.

Some hardcore fans complained that Final Fantasy's Platinum Demo puts too much emphasis on collecting, but it all comes to fruition during the exciting boss battle against a giant metal monstrosity. If they play their cards right, gamers can find and use the Cross Shuriken, an extremely powerful weapon that replaces the standard sword from the demo.

In order to get the magic-imbued weapon, you need to get close to the prominent building that stands over the fighting area. Once you locate the "Warp Points" scattered across the building, you can start your journey to the Cross Shuriken. The points let the main character (Noctis) warp up and lodge his sword into the façade of the building. On the Xbox One, lodging requires you to press Y, while on PlayStation 4 you must tap the Triangle button.

The two warp points that sit in the center of the building are essential. The sequence goes like this: use the warp function to get to the warp point that is located closest to the soil, then turn up the camera and warp to the next available higher warp point. Keep warping up until you reach the tallest point.

When you look down, you should notice a ledge/platform extruding from the building. From the highest warp point, make a "leap-of-faith" fall towards this ledge. Make sure to use warp ability in order to land on the platform.

The floor of the platform has a a yellow button embedded into it. As you stomp on it, the game will notify you that you received a gift - the mighty Cross Shuriken. Note that it causes massive damage to enemies, but it gulps hefty magic quantities to operate. This implies that you cannot simply hack and slash with it. Instead, using a more tactical approach to combat will yield fantastic results.

Square Enix has ambitious expectations out of Final Fantasy XV, which is set for official launch on Sept. 30. The developer wants to sell 10 million copies to fans of the series, and the demo could raise the community's hype enough to make it so.

If we spiked your interest, know that the Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo is ready for download on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and it is completely free.

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