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There Is No End To 'Final Fantasy XV': Standalone Multiplayer Mode, Level Editor, 4 Episodes, And More

Square Enix announced a massive amount of new 'Final Fantasy XV' content that is planned through mid-2019. Gamers can expect a standalone version of Comrades, a level editor, four episodes, and much more.

Video Games April 7, 2018

'Final Fantasy XV' PC Release Date Finally Arrives, But Hackers Have Already Cracked The Game

'Final Fantasy XV' Windows Edition is set to unlock on March 6, at 12 p.m. EST. However, while 'Final Fantasy' fans were patiently waiting for the arrival of the RPG to the PC, hackers have already cracked the game.

Video Games March 6, 2018

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Review Roundup: Mobile Version Keeps The Game's Heart In Cute Little Package

'Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition' is now available for iOS and Android devices, with the first chapter free to play. Early reviews say that it is a must-try game and worth the $20 price to unlock all chapters.

Video Games February 9, 2018

'Final Fantasy' On PC: 'Final Fantasy XV' Benchmark Tool Unveiled, 'Final Fantasy XII' Arrives On Sale

The 'Final Fantasy' series continues its invasion into the PC. Square Enix released the Benchmark tool and preorder bonuses for 'Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition,' while 'Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age' arrives with a 20 percent discount.

Video Games February 2, 2018

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Release Date Revealed, Plus Preorders Now Available

The mobile 'Final Fantasy XV' title has received an official release date for iOS and Android devices. The mobile game will arrive in early February and preorders are available now.

Video Games January 31, 2018

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Adds First-Person Mode, New Bosses, New Dungeon, And More

Square Enix announced the official release date of 'Final Fantasy XV' for the PC. The PC version will be called 'Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition' along with a complete edition for consoles named 'Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition.'

Video Games January 16, 2018

Next 'Assassin's Creed: Origins' Update To Add Nightmare Difficulty, Horde Mode, And... Is That A Chocobo?

The 'Assassin's Creed: Origins' December update will add Nightmare difficulty, enemy scaling, and two quests. The first quest is a Horde mode, while the second quest hints that the chocobos of the 'Final Fantasy' universe are headed to ancient Egypt.

Video Games December 5, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV Comrades' Update: Release Date And What To Expect

The Director of 'Final Fantasy XV' has revealed the long-term plan for the game in its Active Time Report. 'Final Fantasy XV Comrades' will receive a patch for multiplayer gaming and a new timed quest as well.

Video Games December 1, 2017

After 'Assassin's Creed: Origins', The Next 'Final Fantasy XV' Crossover Is With 'Tekken 7'

Prince Noctis of 'Final Fantasy XV' is coming soon to 'Tekken 7' as its next DLC character. The announcement blindsided the internet, with mixed reactions on how Noctis will fit as a character in the fighting game.

Video Games November 13, 2017

Final Fantasy XV PC Requirements Revealed: You Won't Need A Monster Machine

Square Enix has released the minimum and recommended system requirements for 'Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition.' It appears that gamers will not need expensive builds to enjoy the RPG on the PC.

Video Games October 29, 2017

Square Enix Found Final Fantasy XV Success, But Final Fantasy XVI Will Be 'Even Bigger And Better'

After 10 years in development, 'Final Fantasy XV' turned out to be a great success. The game's director, however, claims that 'Final Fantasy XVI' will be 'even bigger and better,' which is great news for fans of the long-running franchise.

Video Games September 18, 2017

The Nintendo Switch Can't Handle The 'Final Fantasy XV' Engine, Opening The Door For 'Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition'

Square Enix tested the Luminous Engine of 'Final Fantasy XV' on the Nintendo Switch, and confirmed that the hybrid console is not powerful enough. This opens the door for the Nintendo Switch to receive 'Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition' instead.

Video Games September 5, 2017

Take A Look At The First 20 Minutes Of 'Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition'

The first 20 minutes of 'Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition' is now online, offering players a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming mobile game. It will be released for iOS and Android before the end of the year.

Video Games September 3, 2017

Possibility Of 'Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition' Coming To The Nintendo Switch 'Certainly Not Zero,' Director Says [Video]

'Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition' could be coming to not only your phone but your Nintendo Switch too, as 'Final Fantasy XV' director Hajime Tabata says 'there is certainly a chance' of that happening.

Video Games August 28, 2017

This 'Final Fantasy XV' And 'Assassin's Creed: Origins' Crossover Is Real: Free Assassin's Festival DLC For FFXV To Launch Aug. 31

Ubisoft and Square Enix revealed that there will be crossover content between 'Final Fantasy XV' and 'Assassin's Creed: Origins' starting this month. In the upcoming free Assassin's Festival DLC, Noctis will be able to move through Lestallum like an Assassin.

Video Games August 24, 2017

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition To Launch For Mobile Devices This Year: Touchscreen Controls, Cute Characters, But With The Same Story

Square Enix will launch 'Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition' for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices this fall. The mobile game will feature the full 'Final Fantasy XV' story, but with Japanese Chibi-style graphics and casual touchscreen controls.

Video Games August 23, 2017

Having Trouble With 'Final Fantasy XV' Comrades Closed Beta? Square Enix Will Launch Another Online Test For The Multiplayer DLC

The first closed beta for the 'Final Fantasy XV' Comrades expansion is suffering from matchmaking problems. Square Enix will implement changes and launch another closed beta for the multiplayer DLC on Aug. 10.

Video Games August 6, 2017

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Beta Now Available: Comrades DLC Offers Extensive Character Customization, Intense Missions, And More

The closed beta for the 'Final Fantasy XV' Comrades expansion is online for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players can now try three intense missions and the multiplayer mode's extensive character customization tool.

Video Games August 4, 2017

Final Fantasy XV Update 1.13 Released: Magitek Armor No Longer Resemble The Power Rangers, Moogle Chocobo Carnival Returns, And More

Square Enix has rolled out 'Final Fantasy XV' update 1.13 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The patch brings back the Magitek Exosuits, which no longer resemble the Power Rangers, along with a few new additions.

Video Games August 1, 2017

The Regalia From 'Final Fantasy XV' Will Soon Be A Playable Car In 'Forza Horizon 3'

The Regalia, the beloved royal ride of Prince Noctis in 'Final Fantasy XV,' will soon be a playable car in 'Forza Horizon 3.' The best part is that the vehicle will be a free addition to the fun open-world game.

Video Games July 29, 2017

Square Enix Has Big Things In Store For 'Final Fantasy XV' At Gamescom

A Square Enix executive revealed that the company has big plans in store for 'Final Fantasy XV' at Gamescom 2017, which is why the RPG was missing at E3 2017. What could the major announcements be about?

Video Games June 24, 2017

New 'Final Fantasy XV' Update Adds Alternate Chapter 13, Takes Jab At Trump Administration

New updates for 'Final Fantasy XV' introduced Chapter 13, Verse 2, an alternative path for the heavily criticized section of the RPG. The new chapter also introduced political undertones to the game with a jab at the Trump administration.

Video Games March 28, 2017

Square Enix Reveals 'Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus’ Trailer, Episode To Focus On Character Gladio

Square Enix has revealed the official PAX Trailer for its upcoming 'Final Fantasy XV' story DLC 'Episode Gladiolus.' The DLC will be available for download on March 28.

Video Games March 13, 2017

Future Of 'Final Fantasy XV' Looks Bright: Episode Gladiolus DLC Details Revealed, Multiplayer Mode Hinted

The future of 'Final Fantasy XV' looks bright as new content will continuously be added to the RPG. Among the things that players can expect are Episode Gladiolus and the Comrades multiplayer expansion, details for which have been revealed.

Video Games February 25, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV' Rolls Out Latest Update, Includes Game ‘A King’s Tale’

Square Enix releases its latest update for ‘Final Fantasy XV.’ The update contains the Booster Pack, PS4 Pro Update and a mini-game called ‘A King’s Tale.’

Video Games February 23, 2017

No Nintendo Switch Release For ‘Final Fantasy XV,’ Director Hajime Tabata Says

Director Hajime Tabata confirmed that there are no plans to release ‘Final Fantasy XV’ on Nintendo Switch. 'Final Fantasy' was released for PS4 and Xbox One.

Video Games February 12, 2017

Here Are All The Things Coming Soon To 'Final Fantasy XV': Revamped Chapter 13, Episode Gladio, And More

There are many things coming to 'Final Fantasy XV,' including a revamped Chapter 13 and the Episode Gladiolus DLC. Players can also expect the addition of PlayStation 4 Pro support, a level cap increase, and many more.

Video Games February 3, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV' Glitch Lets Players Explore Unused Areas Of Niflheim [Video]

A new glitch on 'Final Fantasy XV' has players roaming around the world of Niflheim, unrestricted by the game’s default linearity. Players have theorized that the uncharted landscapes could be used in the future via DLC.

Video Games January 10, 2017

Gamer Beats 'Final Fantasy XV' At Level 1 With No Items: Here's How He Did It

YouTuber BOYvsVIDEOGAME was able to beat 'Final Fantasy XV' at level one without using any items after a play time of just over nine hours. Here's how he did it, despite being underpowered for the game's toughest battles.

Video Games January 3, 2017

'Pokémon Sun' And 'Moon,' 'Final Fantasy XV' Tagged As Amazon's Best-Selling Games For The Holidays

The top-selling video games for Amazon's best holiday season ever are 'Pokémon Sun,' 'Pokémon Moon,' and 'Final Fantasy XV.' Notably missing is 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,' as 'Call of Duty' games have usually sold well for the holidays.

Video Games December 31, 2016

Final Fantasy XV's Prompto Gives A Special Holiday Message To Young Fan For The Perfect Christmas Gift

Robbie Daymond, the voice actor for Prompto from 'Final Fantasy XV,' recorded a personalized holiday message for a young fan named Euphrates. The girl giggled and laughed upon hearing the message but was later found to be hiding happy tears.

Video Games December 27, 2016

Here Are The Xbox One Games Offered In Microsoft's Countdown To New Year Sale: 'Final Fantasy XV,' 'Battlefield 1,' 'Dishonored 2' And Many More

Microsoft is offering over 70 Xbox One games with discounts through its Countdown to New Year Sale. Among the titles on sale are 'Final Fantasy XV,' 'Battlefield 1' and 'Dishonored 2'.

Video Games December 23, 2016

'Final Fantasy XV' To Add New Game Plus Next Week In Free Update; Holiday Pack DLC Also On The Way With New Items

Square Enix will release a free update for 'Final Fantasy XV' on Dec. 22 that will add a New Game Plus mode. The update will launch alongside the Holiday Pack DLC, which contains new items for players to enjoy.

Video Games December 17, 2016

First 'Final Fantasy XV' DLC Will Feature An Epic Fight Between Gladiolus And Gilgamesh

The first DLC for 'Final Fantasy XV,' Episode Gladiolus, will feature an epic fight between party strongman Gladiolus and classic Final Fantasy character Gilgamesh. The DLC will also open up new areas in the game.

Video Games December 15, 2016

'Final Fantasy XV' To Receive Free Updates That Will Fill In Plot Holes, Improve Chapter 13 And Much More

'Final Fantasy XV' will be getting free updates over the course of 2017 that will fill in gaps in the story line, improve Chapter 13 and much more. Real-time content, including new bosses and limited-time hunts, could also be added soon.

Video Games December 7, 2016

'Final Fantasy XV' Review: A Road Trip Worth Taking

Square-Enix's latest entry in the long-running JRPG franchise is finally here, but is it worth the decade long wait?

Video Games December 7, 2016

'Final Fantasy XV' Claims Best Start Ever For Any Game In The Franchise: How Many Copies Were Sold On Day One?

'Final Fantasy XV' is the fastest-selling title in the acclaimed 'Final Fantasy' series, showing that the franchise still has a huge following despite the long wait. How many copies of 'Final Fantasy XV' were sold on the first day?

Video Games December 2, 2016

'Final Fantasy XV' Tips And Tricks: Extra XP, Infinite Stamina, Abilities To Prioritize And More

The long-awaited 'Final Fantasy XV' has finally been released. For both fans and first-timers, here are a few tips and tricks that you might find useful, including how to earn extra experience points and unlock infinite stamina for sprinting.

Video Games November 30, 2016

'Final Fantasy XV' Review Roundup: Was It Worth Waiting For 10 Years?

'Final Fantasy XV' was in development for 10 years. Is the latest installment in one of the most successful franchises in the video game industry worth the wait, or does it fail to live up to the hype?

Video Games November 29, 2016

'Final Fantasy XV' Will Have A Day One Patch After All; Director Speaks Out Against Spoiler Videos

'Final Fantasy XV' will have a day one patch after all, despite its release date being delayed. Among the contents of the patch are various bug fixes, new items and cutscenes as well as deeper game mechanics.

Video Games November 21, 2016

'Final Fantasy' Brand Manager Talks About 'Final Fantasy VII' Remake, 'Final Fantasy X-3', 'Final Fantasy XVI' And More: What Are The Plans Of Square Enix?

Shinji Hashimoto, the brand manager for 'Final Fantasy', talked about the upcoming games of the franchise and its direction moving forward. Among the titles he discussed are the remake of 'Final Fantasy VII' and 'Final Fantasy X-3'.

Video Games November 12, 2016

This 'Final Fantasy XV' Collector's Item Costs $470,000: Meet The One-Of-A-Kind Audi R8 Star Of Lucis [Video]

Square Enix and Audi have teamed up to create the Audi R8 Star of Lucis, a one-of-a-kind collector's item for 'Final Fantasy XV.' The vehicle comes with the V10 plus engine, exquisite detailing and a $470,000 price tag.

Video Games November 11, 2016

'Final Fantasy XV' Mobile MMO In The Works: Square Enix Teams Up With 'Game Of War' Developer MZ

Square Enix has teamed up with MZ for the development of a mobile MMO based on 'Final Fantasy XV.' Details about the project are scarce, but it will use the same technology found in 'Game of War' and 'Mobile Strike.'

Video Games November 8, 2016

'Final Fantasy XV' Will Have Online Co-Op, But It Costs Extra

'Final Fantasy XV' is becoming a co-op game in the form of a DLC pack.

Video Games October 27, 2016

The Complete Guide To 'Final Fantasy XV' Preorder Bonuses And Special Editions

There are tons of retailers out there. But here's everything you need to know when it comes to buying 'Final Fantasy XV.'

Video Games October 24, 2016

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