The game developers at 505 Games recently revealed that the Adr1ft virtual reality space simulation title will land on HTC Vive this spring.

The Oculus Rift variant of the game was highly commended by reviewers and gamers alike when it reached the platform at the end of March. Inspired by the success on Oculus, 505 Games decided to push out the HTC Vive edition of the title at the end of May.

Console owners will be happy to find out that Adr1ft is scheduled to come on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime soon. It should be noted that no virtual reality support will be provided for the console variants. However, knowing that the PlayStation VR addresses the wishes of Sony's gaming community, we might see a PS4 variant of Adr1ft in an undetermined future.

Take a peek at the official trailer below to get a better idea of what this majestic and weightless space simulation game entails.

Inside the official Steam website, game creators at 505 Games explain more about the unique gaming experiment. Fans have been asking about the game setting foot on other ecosystems except Oculus, and 505 Games obliged and will see that Adr1ft will receive HTC Vive support starting May 28.

"If you've purchased ADR1FT on Steam already, there's nothing extra you need to do; We will issue an update to the game that makes the game compatible with Vive," 505 Games says.

To engage in a virtual reality space simulator via HTC Vive, users must simply launch the game and put their HMD on.

505 Games first showcased the title at E3 2015, and it ended up being a memorable and immersive experience. According to players who tested the virtual reality game, Adr1ft takes complete control of your senses. The level of detail and engagement is so high that the gamers' almost believed that they were imponderable and floating through the space station.

We will keep you posted on all the interstellar developments of the game, as the game will update to ensure the HTC Vive compatibility. Until then, make sure that your oxygen supplies are high and all the hatches tightly sealed.

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