Secret Service agents were able to catch an intruder scaling the White House fence, Friday night.

Details Of The Action

The incident happened at around 11:45 p.m., when the intruder threw a backpack over the north fence of the U.S. president's residence. The next events were pretty much like an action movie.

"The individual then jumped the fence and was immediately taken into custody by Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers without incident," says Secret Service spokesperson Kevin Dye.

Another Secret Service spokesman Robert Hoback says the intruder was charged with unlawful entry and was transferred to the Washington's Metropolitan Police Department.

Authorities did not disclose the identity of the intruder.

Where Was The President?

During the action, President Barack Obama was actually in Washington for nuclear security meeting, which was held on Friday and Saturday. However, it was not confirmed whether the President was inside the White House during the fence scaling incident.

Authorities were not able to find any type of weapon inside the intruder's backpack and the Secret Service confirmed that normal operations have resumed in the entire complex of the White House.

Not The First Time

This is not the first time that the White House became the subject of intruders.

The most recent White House intruder before Friday was caught on Thanksgiving day in November 2015. It was a man from Connecticut, who was then wearing an American flag. He mounted the north fence, but was immediately caught by authorities.

In 2014, an Army veteran climbed the White House barricade with a folded knife at hand. He zoomed past through the compound and made his way to the executive mansion before he was caught by authorities. This event is among the most controversial security threats in the White house during the Obama administration. It has even led the U.S. congress to criticize the Secret Service.

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