Although it's hard to believe that it's been three decades since the launch of the first video game in The Legend of Zelda franchise, 2016 marks the title's 30th anniversary.

To celebrate, custom console creator Analogue created a working limited edition 24-karat gold Nintendo console that comes complete with a matching copy of The Legend of Zelda game cartridge.

Obviously, this isn't a console you're going to buy for your kids to introduce them to retro gaming: this machine retails for $4,999. But it's the perfect buy for retro gaming fans who have a little extra income to throw away on such fun and collectible items.

For those interested in grabbing the gold NES, they will have to act fast: Analogue only created 10 of these units, called the Analogue Nt, making it an extremely limited edition. Buyers can reserve their gold NES consoles now by visiting Analogue's website.

Those who choose to buy this gorgeous system will get all the following: the 24-karat gold-plated Analogue Nt, a "premium" limited edition box, an original gold-colored cartridge of The Legend of Zelda and a full cable set or HDMI cable.

This isn't all just for show, though: the console actually works, although it's still probably more of a collector's piece than something you want just sitting around the living room for playing video games, especially considering its price.

The first game in The Legend of Zelda franchise was originally released for the NES in 1986, but eventually expanded into a full franchise that includes a total of 18 games that have sold more than 60 million copies. The video game also inspired an animated TV series and several manga adaptations. The RPG games - which feature a mixture of puzzles, action, adventure, exploration and battle gameplay and takes place in a fantasy world called Hyrule - remain popular, even 30 years later.

Nintendo released the most recent title in the franchise, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, last month for its Wii U console.

Fans can expect another game for the Wii U to arrive later this year: that game is one of the most anticipated titles of the year.

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