Facebook really wants people watching Live videos on its site and mobile app.

To entice more users to create and watch these original broadcasts, the company announced a handful of new Facebook Live features, like Live reactions, filters and the Live map on Wednesday.

Just one day later, Facebook is turning its focus on helping its users find Live videos to watch with ease.

Facebook introduced on Thursday the upcoming launch of two new ways for users to search for and discover Live videos in its app.

The first new way is by using the video search engine that was built specifically for enhancing the search experience in the Facebook app. Users will be able to access the video search by tapping on the play button icon located to left of the notification icon in the app. This will bring up the library of Live videos with the search bar on top.

By typing in keywords related to the type of video they are looking for, this feature will allow users to find content much more quickly. For example, the mobile Facebook user can type in "cooking" to get videos of chefs whipping up a mean meal in the kitchen, or their favorite show like "Gotham" to bring up Q&As by the cast. 

Plus, Live videos will all be in one centralized hub.

So, now we know why Facebook has been wanting us to add video tags when we post on the platform. Those tags will allow for the site to bring up related videos when a user enters in specific keywords.

It's important to remember that the user will only see videos that are either shared publically or with friends. Those videos set to private will not appear here.

Facebook also announced it is adding Live video to its Trending Topics. These trending videos will appear in the Search results. Users who look at what's trending will be able to identity that specific content as a Live video with a red icon.

Pushing out so many new features for Facebook Live videos might suggest that the social network is trying to keep this feature relevant among users. While it seems like everyone has posted Live videos, the craze might have started to slow down — something Facebook doesn't want to see happen.

Source: Facebook

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