What happens when you introduce a new female character into the Star Wars canon? She's instantly a candidate to be Rey’s mother, of course.

The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer hasn’t even hit seven digits on YouTube yet, but that isn’t stopping fans from wildly speculating about Felicity Jones’ character, Jyn Erso. Is she Rey’s mother? Did she make the beast with two backs with Luke? Or maybe with hermit Obi-Wan under the hot Tatooine suns? So many possibilities! So many lazy, lazy possibilities.

Outside of the LucasFilm cabal, no one knows for sure, but this conversation will surely drag on and on for the next two years (at least). The fact is that there’s no evidence one way or the other, so all we're doing is nerd-raging into a vacuum.

Both characters have that same fighting spirit and sense of rebellion in them, and it’s really easy to connect those dots. Then again, every character in the Star Wars universe acts that way, so maybe the Jyn/Rey combo is just a little too convenient? By convenient, of course, I mean lazy. 

The truth is that we can just keep naming names, and eventually, someone will be correct and they’ll have a lifetime of geek bragging rights on the message board circuit, but until an intergalactic Maury comes along and reveals who Rey's mother and father are, no theory has any more weight than the next.

Don’t tell that to Twitter, though, because people are just fanning the flames of speculation at this point.

See what I mean? This will happen every time a new character shows up in any Star Wars movie, and it will continue until we get the answers we so rightfully deserve. Then, we can complain about those answers, and the cycle of fandom will continue and be passed down to our children. Ashes to ashes.

Still, not every theory is as lifeless as the "Rey's mother is the first new female character I laid eyes on in an unrelated spin-off movie" one. I happen to like this one:

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