In honor of World Health Day on April 7, California-based ph360 introduced Shae, a personal health assistant app designed to guide individuals according to their nutrition and fitness goals.

The platform, featured on, is being deemed the "Siri for your health" by the company. Its Kickstarter page has a goal of $100,000 to bring the platform and its subscription-based benefits to mobile devices.

Matt Riemann is the head of the Shae team for ph360. Diagnosed with a terminal genetic disorder, he decided to travel around the world to learn more about how he could improve his health from the best in the medical field. His brainchild, Shae, is now a reflection of what he learned on his journey.

"Shae,'s virtual personal health assistant, is the evolution of," says Riemann.

Shae uses more than 10,000 data points and 500 different algorithms to create health, fitness and diet solutions for users. After analyzing the data, Shae allegedly knows how to create a daily health regimen that caters to its users' specific needs.

The platform also utilizes anthropometry, which is a scientific assessment of the body's ratios. Family history, environment and lifestyle evaluations are also conducted by Shae to give it a better idea of what exactly makes up its users' bodies, inside and out.

That being said, the platform also includes features that can detect what users might not be thinking of on the go, such as their mood. For example, Shae can scan an individual's calendar and track his or her biometrics to determine how "happy" the user has been as of late. Shae also supposedly knows users' stress levels, and it can counter anxiety by providing solutions, such as funny videos.

Even the weather is taken into consideration by Shae. Whether it's raining or sunny, the platform gives its users advice as to how to take advantage of the day. Allergy sufferers might even want to rely on Shae to help them navigate through less pollen-ridden areas on certain days.

As a part of its pledge drive, ph360 is offering lifetime subscriptions to Shae on its Kickstarter page, which will close on May 7. The most detailed information on Shae can be located on the Kickstarter campaign site as well.

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