Kingdom Hearts finally got a mobile release in the U.S.

Square Enix launched Kingdom Hearts Unchained X in the app stores on Thursday, allowing players to use their Keyblade to battle against the Heartless in the fight of darkness and light on their mobile devices.

Just keep in mind that this title is not exactly brand new. Kingdom Hearts Unchained X previously launched in Japan for Android back in the later part of 2015. The mobile game serves as a prequel to the rest of the series, set before the Keyblade War, and is the perfect way to stay immersed in the franchise until Kingdom Hearts 3 is released for consoles possibly next year.

The player learns about the darkness that spread in the hearts of the people in the kingdom, with the light in the hearts of children being the only saving grace. They then create their own customized avatar that will become a hero as they gather LUX, a mysterious form of light, and fight against enemies with the help from a team of other characters that includes those from both Disney and Final Fantasy.

The player starts by joining a Union and will be given their Keyblade before having to defeat the Heartless in the tutorial round.

The gameplay is pretty simple; just tap to attack and swipe to hit multiple enemies. Collect character medals that can evolve and flick up on the screen to use them when battling to get these heroes' and villains' special abilities. Users can also team with up friends to defeat Heartless bosses and gain even more rewards.

There is a good balance between story and action, so you will feel like you are playing a console game, but it is also fast-paced enough to play for a few minutes when on-the-go. You will just have to make sure the game is completely downloaded after the initial installation, with 1.1 GB available in order to be able to play.

Square Enix previously announced at E3 2015 that this game would be released in English. We couldn't be happier to finally play in the U.S.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is available to download for free with in-app purchases for iOS and Android. Check out the trailer for the mobile game below.

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