BMW has just launched ReachNow in Seattle, a service that is very much like Daimler's car-sharing service.

The latter, though, has thrown in a not-so-welcoming reaction, as shared by The Verge.

"As the sharing company goes mainstream, we expect followers to see what we saw when we launched here in 2012," reads a part of Daimler's statement. "One-way carsharing is a complex business to operate, and any new competitor will have a significant learning curve to contend with."

However, it also goes on to say that it believes that the more car-sharing, mass transit and ride-sharing alternatives available, the better because such services help in improving the quality of life by easing traffic and parking congestion.

How These Car-Sharing Services Work

So, how do these services work?

These two services allow drivers to get a car whenever they wish to and charge them by the minute.

While Car2Go makes use of Smart's tiny two-seater vehicles, ReachNow, uses the BMW 328xi, i3 and Mini Cooper.


To use Daimler's service, drivers have to download the app on their smartphones. They may also contact its customer call center or access the Car Finder map on the Car2Go's website.

As soon as customers are inside the vehicle, they only have to swipe their member card and answer some queries.

When done with the service, they just have to look for a parking spot in the Home Area and then end their trip.


ReachNow, as mentioned, works akin to its archrival.

Upon downloading the ReachNow app on a smartphone, drivers should then register into the service, which by the way is also done in Car2Go. When approved, they will be able to find cars. BMW says its cars are readily available on most Seattle neighborhood streets.

Drivers have to check out if the car’s card reader is green. If so, it means it is available.

They can then drive the car whenever they want to. When done, drivers can just park it in any legal space. It’s that easy.


The registration fee for ReachNow costs $39, though, is waived for a limited time only, perhaps to lure in more customers. Car2Go’s registration fee, meanwhile, is only $35.

For ReachNow, driving its cars cost $0.49, though BMW says the price is reduced to $0.41.

For three hours, ReachNow customers will have to pay $50. For 12 hours, drivers should fork out $80 while for one day, they need to pay $110.

In the meantime, Car2Go wants $0.41 per minute, $14.99 for an hour and $84.99 for a day.

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