Here's Siri's Interesting Response When You Ask 'Is Jon Snow Dead?'


Even though HBO's latest trailer for season 6 of Game of Thrones teased that the dead are coming, we still don't know exactly whether or not Jon Snow is really dead.

Since the premium cable network decided against providing the press with early access to episodes, a simple Google search will only provide theories and speculation at this moment. Despite the fact that there was an exclusive screening at the Chinese Theatre in California on Sunday, those who have been lucky enough to see the season 6 premiere have been tight-lipped.

However, if you really are dying to know the fate of Jon Snow, why not ask Siri?

Apple's digital assistant is reliable when it comes to providing us with answers to all of life's questions, like when you need to know something about baseball, although she does need some work when it comes to addressing a health crisis.

Even so, we will take our chances to see if Siri knows something about Kit Harington's character that we don't. This is exactly what Scandal actress Kerry Washington did, proving that stars are just as impatient as us to finally get some answers.

Did we really think Siri would spoil this for us? Ask Siri for yourself, and you will find out that the digital assistant has a few answers for you.

We asked Siri "Is John Snow dead?" multiple times and received the following responses:

And this random one:

So, these were interesting...Thanks for nothing, Siri.

We then decided to be a little more specific to see if Siri would crack and finally give up any more information she knows. After asking questions like, "Is Jon Snow dead in season 6?" and "Is Kit Harington's character dead in season 6 of Games of Thrones?" Siri provided us instead with Bing search results that included Jon Snow's Wikia page and old news from his season 5 death.

Looks like even Siri has to wait to find out when GoT returns on April 24 on HBO. If you haven't already seen it, check out the new trailer for season 6 that doesn't feature Jon Snow.


Source: EW

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