Game of Thrones season five may have ended with the death of Jon Snow, but it is certain there will be plenty more deaths to come, if the latest trailer for season six of the show is any indication.

The trailer picks up shortly after Snow's death, as the brothers of the Night's Watch are divided on what to do next. There is a ton of new footage here and a ton for fans to break down, so we'll go over the highlights.

For starters, it looks like all-out-war is about to go down between the Lannisters and the radical Faith's Militant. Jaime threatens to kill their leader, and later in the trailer, we see armed Lannister guards facing off against the priests on the steps of the Sept of Baelor in King's Landing. 

Up North, Bran looks to be having some kind of vision with the help of the Three-Eyed Raven. Across the sea, we see Arya continue her training as a Faceless man, as she carves off faces, spars with her mentors and is told that she has been given a second chance.

This trailer also focuses on Daenerys and her dragons. Dany looks to have been captured by another Khal, but we suspect her dragons may give her ultimate control of the situation. In her absence, Tyrion and the others must figure out what to do with the two remaining dragons chained up under the city of Meeren.

Looks like Theon will return home to the Iron Islands, and the Boltons are preparing for war with the Wildlings, though why exactly remains unclear. We even get yet another glimpse at the Night King, the leader of the White Walkers. Looks like they are preparing for war too, of which Davos warns the Night's Watch.

The final scene shows Tyrion investigating the dragon prison himself, an encounter that might not go too well for the fan-favorite character.

It's a lot to take in, but it certainly looks like this season will be one of the most action-packed yet. You can check out the trailer for yourself below.

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