Facebook has recently released a slew of updates to Live Video, as the social network looks to further boost the feature. Facebook is looking to grab advertising revenue away from Google's YouTube and Twitter through these updates.

Twitter's Periscope, a live streaming video app that now shares the same space with Facebook's Live Video, is now testing a new feature that will hopefully allow it to keep in step.

Periscope is reportedly testing a feature named Sketching, and for Snapchat users, it will be a familiar one. In Snapchat, users can doodle on the pictures that they have taken before they send them to their friends. Periscope is looking to add a similar function to its app, allowing users to doodle on their videos while they are streaming them.

The feature will allow users to choose from several color options, and will also have an eyedropper tool that will copy a specific color from the video being streamed. The sketches that users make on their streaming videos will only last for a few seconds, which would prevent too much clutter on the screen.

As for its uses, Sketching will allow users to point out specific parts of the video to those that are watching the live stream.

Periscope, which celebrated its first birthday last month, claimed that it has streamed over 200 million broadcasts. Live streaming has been gaining popularity as users are now looking for more content beyond just pictures and text, and this popularity has led to more rivals in the space such as Facebook's Live Video.

Periscope is currently testing the new feature with a small number of users, with the company claiming that Sketching will be rolled out in a few weeks. In the meantime, here is a video of The Next Web's Matt Navarra testing out Periscope's upcoming Sketching feature.

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