We first found out that Captain Marvel is coming to cinemas when Marvel Studios made its Phase 3 announcement. That was in 2014. Fast-forward to 2016, we're finally getting more information about the movie, although fans will have to wait just a little bit longer to find out who will be playing Carol Danvers and the rest of the cast.

Captain Marvel will be the first female-led movie in Marvel Studios' current lineup so there's a lot of buzz surrounding who would be given the honor of playing the lead role. Other than it is set to be released between the two-part Avengers: Infinity War, no other details have been released about the movie but some information may come to light soon.

"I think we'll be announcing a filmmaker in the next month or two, and probably some cast members later in the summer, at the end of the summer," said Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president.

Summer? That may mean that Marvel will have some big Captain Marvel-related announcement during July's San Diego Comic-Con.

Feige added that there are plans to produce more female-led movies but definitely nothing earlier than 2019 because the studio is focusing on the movies it had lined up: Captain America: Civil War; Doctor Strange; Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2; the Spider-Man reboot; Thor: Ragnarok; Black Panther; Avengers: Infinity War; Ant-Man and the Wasp; and Captain Marvel.

"Yes, for sure, I think [Black] Widow at some point would be great," he said.

While there's no word yet on who could be playing the lead in Captain Marvel, Feige did commend Ronda Rousey before for enthusiastically showing her interest in portraying Danvers.

Well, she does have the physicality to play a superhero so Rousey has that going on for her but many pointed out that she will also be acting in the movie and not merely fighting.

Feige reminded us, however, that Marvel has always cast roles based on "who is the best person to inhabit the character," so there is still a chance for Rousey to live out her dream movie role, if the studio deems her to be that best person. Take Dave Bautista, for example. Not many expected his Guardians of the Galaxy stint to turn out well but it did.

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