Who would love to see Ronda Rousey take on the role of Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel? Apparently, she would love to do it, so now the ball is in Marvel Studios and Disney's court.

Early on, Rousey wanted to play the part of Wonder Woman, but that role was clipped by Gal Gadot. As expected, Rousey wasn't quite pleased, mainly because Gal Gadot is sitting on the skinny side.

Someone on Reddit asked the champion which superhero she'd like to play. Her answer:

"A lot of the good ones have been taken, but I'd like to vie for Miss Marvel!"

Looking at Rousey, it is clear the woman is quite built and ready to rumble, but that alone is not going to cut it in modern Hollywood. What we mean is that she needs to improve her acting capabilities.

We've seen her in Furious 7 and The Expendables, and let's face it, she's not that great. If all this was happening back in the 90s or earlier, we're sure she would have gotten a leading role by now.

Actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, among others, made it because they had muscular bodies and a striking appearance. Their acting skills were below average, but in action films back then, who cared as long as moviegoers could watch things go boom.

Rousey is a young woman with a lot of room to grow in Hollywood, so we have confidence that before long, she'll land something that will pay off. However, that role won't be Captain Marvel. As much as we'd love to see her play the character, she's just not the right choice at all.

We can't say who we would go for, but we have confidence in the Disney and Marvel Studios team to get it right. They have done a splendid job so far where casting is concerned, and as such, we expect them to continue down that path.

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