Great news, emoji fans. Six new Ninja Cat emoticons are now added as part of the emoji feature of Windows 10, Microsoft announced.

In a sneak preview of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft revealed an expanded version of its emoji offering. Users can now mix and match everyone's well-loved cat emoji with other existing emojis to activate the ninja cat add-ons.

The Ninja Cat, which has been making rounds on social media and has become the subject of many Windows Insider memes, officially debuts in the latest Windows 10 preview and comes in six different poses: Ninja Cat, Ninja Cat Flying, Ninja Cat at Computer, Ninja Cat riding T-Rex, Ninja Cat with Coffee, and Ninja Cat in Space. By combining the Cat Face with another emoji, users can create new characters and have fun in the process. 

Aside from the Ninja Cat add-ons, the rest of Microsoft emojis are also getting a digital facelift. The new emoji style will have distinctive thick black strokes compared to the older version. Microsoft has also changed the default skin tone of all its people emojis, although modifiers are still in place in case the user wants to change the skin tone. In the Windows 10 updates, all five skin tone variations are still available although people are consistently yellow across platforms.

Microsoft takes the whole emoji business seriously. Windows was the first major OS to release unique emojis like the middle finger, vomit-face, shrug and fingers-crossed. In addition, Microsoft has also taken a serious stand on controversial issues like same-sex marriage and included emojis of families with two moms or dads, or single parents, as part of their "family combinations." 

The full Windows 10 update is scheduled to roll-out by Summer 2016. Users can expect additional updates and possible changes prior public release.

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