Although Supergirl finally decided to embrace her inner superhero this season, she's going to have to go up against some pretty heavy odds in the show's season finale.

In the final episode of the first season, Kara must face the plans that Non and Indigo put in place to end Earth once and for all.

In a new preview for the Supergirl season finale, Kara promises that she will save Earth, even if it means sacrificing herself. It seems that she'll have her sister and Martian Manhunter at her side as she prepares for the final big battle with her uncle.

Here's the official synopsis for the episode:

"Supergirl is forced to do battle with an unexpected foe and must risk everything — including her life — to prevent Non and Indigo from destroying every person on the planet."

There's also a possibility that the season finale will feature a character's death, especially considering how showrunner Greg Berlanti seems so fond of killing off people in his other series, such as Arrow. Entertainment Weekly asked Berlanti about whether viewers should prepare themselves for the possibility of a death on Supergirl, and his answer was clear — sort of.

"Yes, you should," he said, "only because it would be a lot less exciting if I said no."

With the season finale fast approaching, though, fans have a more important question: will Supergirl get a second season? Although CBS hasn't confirmed a renewal for the series yet, the show's stars seem optimistic about the show's future.

"I've heard lots of rumblings — there are no guarantees," David Harewood, the actor who plays Martian Manhunter, said to Digital Spy. "But CBS has made some very positive noises. All I know is that we've just had one of our biggest audiences of the year so far with the Flash crossover so it's all looking positive. The fans have been very vociferous and very vocal, so hopefully it's enough to get us a second season."

It's likely that CBS plans on waiting to see how well the season finale does before making a decision, but fans optimistically hope that Supergirl will continue to fly on the network.

The Supergirl season finale airs on April 18 on CBS at 8 p.m. EDT.

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