In the midst of update releases for other games, such as The Division and Destiny, along with the rolling out of Dark Souls 3, Bethesda has pushed out the Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop DLC, bringing with it a bevy of new items.

The release of this new DLC is seen as Bethesda’s move to get gamers agog about the game, plus to lure more people to consider playing this latest Fallout title, which was awarded as the best game at the BAFTA Games Awards 2016.

Following on the heels of the Automatron DLC, which is considered huge as it comes with the story component plus the ability to create new robots, this Wasteland Workshop DLC, is a small one, yet loaded with new items to build within settlements.

It appears that this content aims to capture the interest of the playerbase who are fond of building settlements.

List Of New Items

Thanks to YouTuber TheGamerPlug, players are given a sneak peek of what this DLC has to offer prior to shelling out $5 from their pockets.

Without further ado, here is a rundown of the new items:

– Concrete Floors
– Concrete Walls
– Concrete Roofs
– Concrete Stairs
– Doors
– Tables
– Floor Coverings
– Wall Decorations (Mounted Creatures, e.g., Mounted Gorilla Head, Mounted Bloodbug, Mounted Brahmin Heads, Mounted Deathclaw Head, Mounted Mirelurk King Head)
– Flags
– Fences
– Chairs
– Paintings
– Lettering
– Beds
– Shelves
– Camp Fire
– Nuka-Cola Machine
– Cat Bowl
– Cigarette Machine
– Crib
– Doghouse
– Fire Barrel
– Sign
– Oil Lamp
– Oil Lamp Post
– Candles
– Ice Cooler
– Generators
– Street Light
– Ceiling Fan
– Track Light
– Lightbox
– Neon Signs
– Machinegun Turret
– Trap Door
– Powered Spring Trap
– Spike Trap
– Sawblade Trap
– Tato Plant
– Water Pump
– Garden Plot
– Advanced Engineering Workbench
– Cat Cage
– Feral Ghoul Cage
– Deathclaw Cage
– Super Mutant Cage
– Arena
– Quitting Time Siren
– Track Light
– Cycling Light
– Scavenging Station
– Melon
– Bell
– Beta Wave Emitter
– Wall Light
– Store Light
– Decontamination Arch

The next DLC for the Fallout 4 is billed Far Harbor. As opposed to the Wasteland Workshop, it is way bigger. As such, this DLC could capture a larger portion of the game’s playerbase.

Let us know in the comment section below if you think the Wasteland Workshop is worth your penny or if you intend to give this DLC a shot.

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