If you swear by Disney and are in love with Mickey Mouse then the next time you make a trip to the happiest place on Earth you may be in for a bit of a surprise. Disney World in Orlando, Florida, has launched a new solar farm which is shaped like Mickey!

The solar farm dubbed Walt Disney World Solar Facility has a 5 megawatt capacity and is the brainchild of Duke Energy, in tandem with Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID) and Walt Disney World Resort.

On Tuesday, representatives of RCID, Duke Energy and Walt Disney World Resort commemorated the facility's opening by switching on a massive light switch.

The solar facility is near Epcot and can be espied from the air as a massive Mickey Mouse shape. Designed in the shape of a "not-so-hidden-Mickey" the solar facility is the latest endeavor by Duke Energy to increase access to renewable energy in Florida.

"We're committed to providing our customers with greater access to renewable energy, and the Walt Disney World Solar Facility is one example of how we're doing that. We appreciate this unique opportunity to collaborate with Reedy Creek Improvement District and Walt Disney World Resort to expand the use of solar energy generation in Florida," said Alex Glenn, Duke Energy state president - Florida.

The 22-acre Walt Disney World Solar Facility is located west of Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resort and is composed of 48,000 solar panels. The solar facility is equal to nearly 1,000 solar rooftop systems for residences.

Duke Energy will be able build, operate and own the farm on Disney's land as part of the 15-year agreement. Duke Energy will be selling the alternative energy to RCID. This will aid in meeting the power requirements of not only Walt Disney World Resort, but also its other clients such as the Four Seasons Resort.

The Mickey Mouse-shaped solar farm at Walt Disney World is one of the many solar projects which Duke Energy is developing. The company intends to add nearly 500 megawatts of additional solar energy in Florida in the next 8 years.

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