Cat lovers are extremely passionate about their four-legged friends, so it's no wonder there are dozens of cat-based apps out there on the market.

Whether you want to stay up-to-date on the latest cat health news or play a feline-inspired game, there's likely an app for you.

Here are the best cat apps you can download onto your mobile device.

Keep in mind that none of these apps are a replacement for vet visits whenever your kitty needs medical attention.

Cat Game (Free)

Cat Game is a game specifically created for cats. If you own a cat and it's constantly around your tablet or phone, you need Cat Game. Essentially, it displays a laser-like dot on the screen that grabs the attention of the kitty.

Pet Health ($0.99)

Let's face it: most cat lovers have more than one feline running around the house. Whether you have several cats, dogs or small animals, this app is designed to help you keep track of all of your pets. With Pet Health, you can log all of your animals' information, as well as critical veterinary phone numbers.

Cat Fishing 2 (Free)

This one is by Purina, so you know it's especially designed by pet experts. Cat Fishing 2 is exactly what it sounds like - digital fishing for cats. Similar to Cat Game, Cat Fishing 2 encourages kitties to swipe after fish on the screen.

Cat Live Wallpaper (Free)

This app, available in the Google Play Store, will put a smile on the face of any cat lover. It's designed to display HD quality photos of kitties with live water effects that simulate water drops, ripples and waves.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector (Free)

Any cat-loving mobile device owner can appreciate Neko Atsume and it's adorable cartoon kitty graphics. This game is about luring virtual cats over to your pet toy-decorated home over time. Users take pictures of the various cats that come to visit for the toys and food. It sounds too easy to be fun, but it's highly addictive.

Pet First Aid (Free)

 This app is a must for any responsible cat owner. Developed by the American Red Cross, it's designed to provide you with the early warning signs of illness in your pet. Additionally, there are several emergency tools users can utilize to contact a veterinary professional in the event of a health issue.

Cat and Kitten Jigsaw Puzzles ($1.99)

If you have a little one at home who turns to your iPhone or iPad for entertainment, consider this game. The app offers a wide variety of cat and kitten-based jigsaw puzzles for kids to solve, and it's designed to challenge the attention and memory of its users.

Cat Sounds (Free)

 Have you ever wanted to communicate on a cat level with your pet? This Android app might be just what you need. Cat Sounds gives you a collection of sounds inspired by cats, ranging from "hungry" to "innocent." Play the sounds out loud and see how your kitty reacts to your newfound language skills.

Relax My Cat ($1.99)

If you have trouble calming down your cat at night, the Relax My Cat app is for you. This app is designed to play music that induces sleep. However, it also has options for playtime, separation anxiety, and the morning hours when you might want your cat to wake up.

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