Mother's Eulogy For Daughter Who Died Of Heroin Overdose Moves Hearts, Goes Viral


A mother's eulogy for her late daughter who succumbed to heroin overdose has been moving hearts and garnering likes and shares all over social media.

The mother named Kathleen Mary Endicott did not expect her message to go viral. When she delivered it in her daughter Kelsey's wake, all she hoped for was to touch at least one person.

The Facebook note she posted has garnered more than 4,400 shares as of this writing, signifying the she was able to reach her goal by more than a thousand fold.

In the eulogy, Kathleen said she did not expect her daughter to be called by God at 23 years old. Although the last 10 months of her life were spent in various rehabilitation institutions in the hopes of making everything right again, the demon, Kathleen said, was still there. Addiction won the battle.

Kelsey's True Value

Kathleen said her daughter might just be a part of another statistical data that point out to people who made bad decisions. No matter how uneducated that might sound, she thinks that is how people see it. Kathleen does not care, because for the people who understand, Kelsey was a mother, daughter and the baby of the family.

Many people easily get drawn to Kelsey because of her calm ways, wit and loyalty. She has diamond eyes and a radiant smile hence, it is very easy to understand why many people love her.

"It wasn't just beauty on the outside because her soul was just as beautiful on the inside," she wrote.

Kelsey's Struggles

Despite the many beautiful attributes of Kelsey, she cannot see that. Because of her addiction, she thought of herself as unworthy and resorted to drugs to feel normal again. Heroin had its ways of telling Kelsey that it can restore normalcy in her life.

What heroin did not tell was that it would also be the cause of her downfall. The drug did not tell her that it would take her away from her son, job, her natural sparkle and home.

From September 2014 until the day she died on April 2, Kelsey stayed in different rehabilitation facilities. She was not able to live at home as she would enroll in programs to eventually have the ability to take care of her son, Camden again.

Kelsey eventually got the custody of her son back and was on her way to achieving sobriety, but then the demon was still there.

Just two months before Kelsey was due to go back home, God saw her struggles and eventually let her find peace in heaven.

Indeed, a mother's love transcends and with such touching eulogy, it is not impossible for it to linger through people's hearts and minds, months or even years after Kelsey's death.

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