With barely a few days to go for the upcoming launch of the iPhone 6, Apple is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that no shipping delays occur once the smartphone hits the shelves.

To avoid inventory issues, Apple has apparently blocked all China-based shipping channels for itself. Per TechCrunch's sources, Apple has booked plenty of shipping space from China-bound cargo operators so that there is a smooth flow of supply of its impending devices from the company's manufacturing units. This action, however, has left other OEM's in a soup as the shipment of their products will get delayed this fall owing to space crunch.

According to reports, shipments of Apple are unprecented through major couriers like UPS and FedEx for the upcoming holiday quarter. This is due to the shipment of the iPhones and other iDevices that will be released by the company this fall. This surge clogs the shipment artery and makes life difficult for other manufacturer trying to roll out their products to other markets across the globe.

The volume of Apple shipments is so much that rival manufacturers are being intimated by shipping companies that their deadlines will be missed as they are catering to a "very important customer."

The high priority customer is likely Apple and this is not the first time that the Cupertino-based company is staying ahead in the race by occupying a high volume of shipment space, which is consequently putting rivals on the back foot.  In 2012, Apple purchased pretty much all available space prior to its iPad 3 launch. The motivation behind this move was that the company can ensure timely delivery and not encounter low stock, which may give its rival products an edge.

With Apple's Sept. 9 nearing, a strong possibility exists that the company is getting the iPhone 6 and iWatch units shipped to different parts of the world in preparation of the release.  If the volume of cargo space booked by Apple is anything to go on, then the company seems to be quite optimistic about the iPhone 6's sales. 

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