Anna Wintour is one of the most powerful individuals in the fashion industry today. It's her job to find the next big thing and convince us all to wear it. But in terms of technology, Wintour is so 2000-and-late.

The fashion editor sported her usual perfectly-coifed blond bob and big, black sunglasses at the U.S. Open Sept. 4, but one of her accessories caused a stir. Wintour had a flip phone in her hand. I repeat, Wintour owns a flip phone. This is not a drill. There is photographic evidence.

It's painful to look at, isn't it? How could someone so forward-thinking be so far behind? The fact of the matter is, Wintour seems to be a bit slow to catch on to the next wave in technology. Apparently, Wintour didn't get an iPhone until 2012, at least from what we can tell from photos, which was five years after the release of the first generation of iPhones. Before that, Wintour went through a whole slew of flip phones and those Nokia brick phones before moving on up to a Blackberry in 2008.

Unlike her fashion magazine counterparts, Wintour isn't even on Twitter. However, she has tweeted from Vogue's Twitter account before, the first time being when DOMA was struck down on June 26, 2013.

However, the infamous flip phone in question is not even Wintour's only phone. In recent years, she has often been photographed with a couple of phones in her hand, and yes, it looks like she does own an iPhone.

So this begs the question: Is Wintour's flip phone a burner? Does she break it in half after she finishes prank calling Tim Gunn or texting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West potential baby names? Or is this the phone she uses to take photos in the hopes of avoiding all that iCloud hacking business plaguing celebrities these days? Wintour is probably outsmarting all of us.

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