If there were a great hall of Nexus devices, Google's Huawei-made Nexus 6P certainly stands out as one of the better ones.

In fact, amid the plethora of devices and options available, Huawei's Nexus 6P is arguably one of the best Android smartphones currently on the market.

Now, a new trademark suggests that Huawei's got a potential successor in the works, aptly called the "Huawei 7P." That's the trademark the Chinese company recently filed and it's gotten the Android world all worked up.

That being said, it is common for companies to register trademarks and patents for products that never even make it to consumers' hands. In this case, however, a possible successor to Huawei's popular 6P would make a lot of business sense.

Recently filed on April 7, Huawei's trademark covers the term "Huawei 7P" only and, unfortunately, gives no further indication as to what the name actually refers to. It could be a smartphone or even a tablet.

If Huawei's 7P would indeed be a smartphone successor to the 6P, its place in the lineup of Nexus devices would be difficult to mark. With a 5.7-inch 1,440 x 2,560 resolution display, the Nexus 6P is already a large device. Could another phablet then be in the works?

On the other hand, the last Nexus device bearing the "7" branding was the 7-inch Nexus tablet from Taiwanese manufacturer Asus. Should Huawei follow in the same footsteps while keeping to the design aesthetics and specifications of its 6P, a Huawei 7P Nexus tablet may be even more of a winner.

Previous rumors already hinted at a Huawei Nexus tablet set to launch this year.

When Asus released the Google Nexus 7 tablet just under four years ago in 2012, the device received a warm welcome by reviewers who found great value for its $200 price tag. It ended up being one of the most popular Android tablets ever sold.

Since it's been a good four years since the last handy 7-inch Nexus tablet, a Huawei version of the same form factor but with the premium feel of the Nexus 6P might be even more popular.

Nevertheless, Huawei's latest move is just a trademark and nothing more. Until we get final confirmation from Huawei itself as to what its "Huawei 7P" refers to, we'll just have to keep with the rumors for now.

What would you rather see, a "Huawei 7P" smartphone or a tablet? Let us know in the comments below.

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