WhatsApp just released a new beta update that will now let Android users send even more types of files in their chat messages.

Last month, reports surfaced that both iOS and Android WhatsApp users are now able to share documents that are saved on their smartphone. However, in order to send and receive files, users first have to update to version 2.12.14 on iOS or version 2.12.453 on Android.

While many were excited to start using this feature, at the time of this update, only PDF files could be shared.

However, with the latest update 2.16.25 for users in the Android beta program, users will now be able to send Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint files.

Since this feature is just in beta, users wanting to check it out for themselves will have to request to enter the WhatsApp beta testing program by becoming a tester, which can be done so here.

Android users will then be able to send files by tapping on the paper clip icon to upload an attachment, followed by the "Document" button to share the Excel, Word or PowerPoint file.

While this option is only available for Android users with the beta version of the app, this is a good sign that, after it is tested out, the public will soon be able to do the same.

Being able to send all kind of files will greatly benefit the one billion users on the platform. Users won't have to worry about hackers getting into these files, since the company now features end-to-end encryption for all types of messages shared in the app.

File sharing support for Excel, Word and PowerPoint isn't the only recent feature WhatsApp beta for Android has been testing. Earlier this month, the in-app camera for Android users was redesigned to have a more modern look, with the buttons being more similar to those seen on apps like Snapchat.

This redesign also tweaks how the user shares the image, which now features an arrow instead of the previous check icon.

The new camera interface is available in the 2.16.4 and 2.16.5 beta versions of WhatsApp.

Source: NeuroGadget

Photo: Johannes Marliem | Flickr

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