The battle for the top spot in offering cheap, unlimited data plan rages on as AT&T's official prepaid brand Cricket Wireless has launched a $70 a month plan that offers unlimited LTE data, talk and text. If you opt into the auto-pay system, you can chop off $5 from the monthly payment.

Cricket Wireless is taking aim at T-Mobile with this new offering, calling the latter's prices "very uncool." In a blog post, it says T-Mobile is charging its subscribers at least $25 more a month for its Simple Choice plan on a 4G LTE network that is "smaller."

It likewise wants to sweeten the pot by dishing out a bill credit of $100 to T-Mobile subscribers who decide to make a switch.

"We wake up every morning focused on giving our customers what they want - more network, a great customer experience and better plans for less money," said the president of Cricket Wireless John Dwyer.

Dwyer went on to say that when compared with what T-Mobile has, Cricket Wireless has about 275,000 more square miles of 4G LTE coverage.

"More coverage for a lot less money - two great reasons to make the switch," he said.

The company also claims it has a wider 4G LTE coverage across the country as opposed to MetroPCS, Boost, Sprint and, of course, T-Mobile.

It is worth mentioning Cricket's price already covers the monthly taxes and fees.

Apart from having access to unlimited talk, text plus data, customers might be glad to know that with this plan, there will be no annual contract.

On top of that, consumers who will decide to jump in will be given access to the company's loyalty program for its subscribers called Cricket Rewards.

Customers have to make note, though, that they will be capped at 8 Mbps for 4G LTE and 4 Mbps for HSPA+.

To date, there are already 12,000 Cricket outlets in the United States as it recently entered into a deal with Aaron's, which means customers are now able to locate a Cricket store near them.

Cricket says this new offering targets customers who are in the hunt for a plan with broad coverage, no annual contract and all-in monthly rates.

This unlimited plan kickstarts on April 17.

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