Microsoft's latest Windows 10-powered smartphone, the Lumia 650, is all set to make its U.S. debut on Cricket Wireless.

The AT&T subsidiary was the first operator to start offering the previous Lumia 640 before other carriers joined the fray and it now looks like it will repeat the same scheme with the Lumia 650.

Cricket Wireless may not be as large as Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile, but it nonetheless has its own fan base in the niche it operates. Cricket offers no-contract cell phones and plans, catering to consumers who don't want to commit to lengthy carrier contracts. Prepaid is on the rise and many find it more convenient than getting locked onto a two-year service agreement.

The new Lumia 650, meanwhile, aims to cater to the budget segment of the smartphone market. The handset doesn't come with any top-notch specs and features, but its $199 price point makes it a good addition to Cricket's affordable offers.

Microsoft has unveiled its Lumia 650 as the latest Windows 10 smartphone in its portfolio, delivering decent specifications in a sleek metallic design. The company said the Lumia 650 will hit Europe later this month, but made no mention of when it will become available in the United States.

However, a new support page on Microsoft's website does list a "Lumia 650 User Guide Cricket" [pdf], which clearly confirms that the smartphone will hit Cricket Wireless at some point down the line.

A specific release date is not available at this point, but more information should surface shortly. Lumia 650 preorders have already kicked off overseas, targeting a Feb. 18 release in various markets. When it comes to the U.S. launch, however, speculations hint at an April release.

No additional information is currently available regarding which other carriers will sell the Lumia 650 in the United States, aside from Cricket Wireless. AT&T could add the smartphone to its lineup around the same time as Cricket, but nothing is confirmed for now.

Overall, the Lumia 650 is shaping up as an intriguing smartphone for its affordable price point and should deliver a more than decent performance.

On the other hand, interested customers looking to make the most of Windows 10 Mobile might want to think twice before choosing the budget handset. As Tech Times points out, Lumia 650 users might miss out on some of the best Windows 10 features due to the handset's hardware limitations.

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