Mom Stands Up To Aging Cream Salesman Who Called Her Out: What's Wrong With Looking 40?


As a marketing strategy, many salespeople push their products to clients, some even run after them in the malls. This product pushing is no longer new, but a mom stood up to one common sales pitch.

Annick Robinson of Montreal, Canada is on her way to her gate in Calgary Airport when a salesman from a store offers her a free natural soap, but apparently he really wants to sell her an anti-aging cream.

The sales guy starts talking about facial skin and wrinkles. When he tries to guess Robinson's age, he even pulled out a number which is 12 years younger.

"I look my age and that's okay actually," she responded to the salesman.

The man is not discouraged by her reply, instead he proceeds to show her the anti aging face serum, that can help because by age 45, creams won't do anymore.

"What's wrong with a woman looking 40?" Robinson said.

As a strategy, the salesman did not back out and still pushed on marketing the serum.

The salesman proceeds to describe Robinson's eye bags and smile wrinkles, which is really degrading. Robinson says that she's happy with her eye bags - they were a result of not sleeping for two years because of her miracle baby and it's because she and her husband loves to laugh.

The unintimidated salesman continues to push the product saying that if those wrinkles and sagging skin are not managed, she will need a surgery to correct it.

Robinson at this point just has enough and replies to the salesman that there's nothing wrong with aging and it is how life works. Moreover, she and her husband can't wait to grow old together and look like an old couple with funny wrinkles.

People are already listening in to their conversation, but the salesman still continues to sell the product highlighting a package of facial serum cheaper than a Botox.

Robinson finally shuts the man.

"I look fine now and when I'm 45 I will look fine and when I'm 50 I will look fine, because there is nothing wrong with a woman aging."

Robinson also says that old age is a privilege denied to many and she does not appreciate a salesman marketing youth instead of his products and denigrating aging women as a sales tactic.

She then proudly took a selfie and posted it on Facebook. After several hours, the post bags thousand of Likes and Shares.

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