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Resistance Training Not As Effective As Endurance Training In Anti-Aging

A new research from a team of scientists from Germany revealed that endurance training and interval training provide better anti-aging results than strength training. The research involved over 200 participants who underwent different exercises for six months.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 28, 2018

Experimental Anti-Aging Drugs Reduce Infections, Boost Immune System Of Older Adults

Elderly participants of a clinical trial who received low doses of mTOR inhibitor drugs RAD001 and BEZ235 had fewer infections compared with those who received placebo. What were the other effects of these anti-aging drugs?

Medicine July 12, 2018

Scientific Breakthrough Could Lead To Development Of Drug That Fights Off Aging And Radiation Damage

Science has always been keen on reversing the aging process. Researchers may have finally found the key in human DNA that could speed up the development of anti-aging drugs.

Medicine March 26, 2017

What Is Interval Training? Benefits, Risks, And How To Do Short Bursts Of Exercise

High-intensity interval training emerges in a new study as as key anti-aging strategy. Here are tips to perform interval training, potential risks and reminders, and a sample workout.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 13, 2017

Does Eating Less Slow Aging Process? Scientists Say Yes

Not anti-aging creams, but eating less may be the key to living better and could decelerate the aging process. A new study has revealed that less calorie intake may potentially slow down aging.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 15, 2017

Can Aging Be Reversed? Scientists Discover Anti-Aging Breakthrough In Older Mice

Scientists from the Salk Institute were able to reverse cellular aging in mice through genetic partial programming. By manipulating four genes, the researchers converted the cells back into their embryonic states.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 24, 2016

Natural Compound Derived From Broccoli, Avocado Shows Promise In Reducing Signs Of Aging

A natural compound slows typical signs of aging in mice, according to a new study. Older mice drinking water supplemented with NMN resembled younger mice in measures of metabolism and energy production.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 29, 2016

Pomegranates Contain Powerful Anti-Aging Ingredient: Swiss Study

A new Swiss study found that pomegranates may contain a powerful ingredient that could slow down aging. When the pomegranate ingredient comes in contact with gut bacteria, it may produce a substance called urolithin A, researchers said.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 12, 2016

Anti-Aging Gin Claims To Make You Look Younger: How It's Supposed To Work

Anti-aGin is an alcoholic drink that claims to protect your skin from wrinkles and keep you looking young. What's behind its anti-aging formula?

Healthy Living/Wellness April 26, 2016

Mom Stands Up To Aging Cream Salesman Who Called Her Out: What's Wrong With Looking 40?

What would you do if a persistent salesman keeps on pushing a product on you? A mom stood up against an offer that uses self hate to make her buy an anti aging cream.

Society April 20, 2016

Low-Dose Lithium Prolongs Life Of Fruit Fly: Anti-Aging Pill For Humans Soon?

Low-dose lithium is found to prolong cell life and increase lifespan of fruit flies by at least 16 percent. Researchers are hoping to conduct complex animal studies and eventually clinical trials to establish the effects of lithium on the aging process.

Life April 10, 2016

Skin Cell Breakthrough May Pave Way For Effective Anti-Aging Treatment

For the first time, researchers showed that the mitochondrial complex II, a metabolic enzyme located in cell batteries called the mitochondria, significantly declines as people age. This can pave the way for the creation of more effective anti-aging treatments and cosmetics.

Life February 27, 2016

Enzyme Discovery Could Lead To Anti-Aging Products That Can Erase Wrinkles Altogether

Scientists have discovered new information about skin cells. An enzyme that declines with age is considered the key to developing new anti-aging products that actually work.

Life February 26, 2016

Clearing Out Body's Zombie Cells Can Help Extend Life By Up to 35 Percent Without Adverse Effects

Clearing out senescent cells that accumulate in the body with aging has extended lifespan, as shown in an animal study. The findings could lead to new anti-aging treatments and ways to reduce risks for age-related diseases.

Life February 4, 2016

World's First Anti-Aging Drug Could Help People Live To 120

Metformin, one of the leading drugs used for diabetes, is set to be launched as an anti-aging pill in 2016 as its first clinical trial on humans received a green light from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This could pave the way for longevity among humans.

Life December 1, 2015

Experimental Alzheimer's Drug Shows Anti-Aging Effects

A breakthrough medication known as J147 has been shown to be beneficial to Alzheimer's disease sufferers, according to a new study by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. The new drug was able to retard the effects of the brain disorder in mice and even boost their overall brain health.

Life November 15, 2015

Senolytics: Do These New Drugs Unlock The Fountain Of Youth For Us?

Scientists are a step closer to developing a drug that can stop the aging process. The new class of drug is called senolytics.

Life March 11, 2015

Forget Miracle Creams: Anti-Aging Chocolate Can Make You Look Younger... By 30 Years!

Cambridge-based Lycotec develops an anti-aging chocolate called Esthechoc. The chocolate is expected to hit the shelves in March.

Life February 22, 2015

Best Anti-Aging Skin Cream Product Ever? Geneu High-Tech Serum Uses Microchip to Reduce Wrinkles

A new high-tech wrinkle cream promises to erase wrinkles. The cream uses a microchip to analyze clients' DNA and tailor-make the perfect serum for their skin.

Internet December 5, 2014

Elixir of youth discovered?

An experiment conducted on mice holds promise in reversing aging.

Life December 22, 2013

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