YouTube began supporting 360-degree videos just over a year ago in March 2015.

On Monday, the Google-owned company announced that it's taking that support a step further via its 360-degree live-streaming.

After already witnessing artists, athletes and brands use 360-degree videos to totally immerse viewers into their music, highlighted plays and products, YouTube says the live-streaming of such footage will only enhance the experience.

"Now, they'll be able to do even more to bring fans directly into their world, with 360-degree live streaming," Neal Mohan, YouTube's chief product officer, wrote in a blog post Monday.

To celebrate the announcement, YouTube is diving into the feature head-first via the live-streaming of 360-degree videos from the Coachella music festival, which is currently taking place in California. YouTube will be live-streaming select artist performances in 360 degrees this weekend.

While that announcement alone is enough to give viewers an enhanced experience, YouTube bolstered it by also introducing the launch of spatial audio for on-demand YouTube videos.

"Just as watching a concert in 360 degrees can give you an unmatched immersive experience, spatial audio allows you to listen along as you do in real life, where depth, distance and intensity all play a role," Mohan said.

He added: "To make sure all creators can tell awesome stories with virtual reality, we've been working with companies across the industry. We're working with companies like VideoStitch and Two Big Ears to make their software compatible with 360-degree live streams or spatial audio on YouTube and more will be available soon. We'll also make 360-degree live streaming and spatial audio technologies available at all YouTube Space locations around the globe, so you can take it for a spin."

To show off the combined power of 360-degree videos with spatial audio, YouTube has curated a playlist of videos touting each feature.

This clip of New Orleans jazz is especially impressive.

There's also this 360-degree video of gorillas in the Congo with bolstered spatial audio.

The best part about these introductions is it will let regular users to turn up their broadcasting and also fellow users' viewing experience of their live-streaming.

This is just the beginning of many thrilling clips to come.

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